Surrogacy Journey 1×05: Birth Center Tour Tomorrow


Tomorrow is the day of our birth center tour at Lovers Lane Birth Center!  I’m pretty excited about it.  Of course, the billing lady was a bit confused when I called to make the appointment.  She said my name sounded familiar so I said, “Oh yes, I have had four babies with Dinah before.  This is a surrogacy baby though, so the intended parents have not seen the birth center!”  It was pretty funny!

The best part is, I have a feeling I won’t even end up birthing at the birth center.  If you know me, you know I have the craziest and FASTEST births ever.  We will take that as it comes though.

I am really looking forward to seeing my awesome midwife, Dinah.  She is the best!  So patient and wise…  I am really looking forward to Supernova and Timberwolf* to meeting her.  I wonder if she has ever been a midwife during a surrogacy pregnancy before??  I must remember to ask…

This will definitely be the first step to everything feeling so much more REAL.  My pregnancy tests have been getting darker.  I am still having symptoms, such as nausea, sore boobs and feeling tired ALL THE TIME.  Of course, it will be even more awesome once we get a chance to hear the baby’s heartbeat and see it on the ultrasound screen.  We are hopefully going to schedule an early ultrasound in the next couple weeks.  I will, of course, post all about that when the time comes.  And also, our first REAL midwife appointment will be June 3rd!

*bad ass code names for anonymity