Surrogacy Journey 1×07: HUGE Update!

I wanted to post a HUGE update since I haven’t written about my surrogacy in a while.  I have been SO busy working and moving back and forth.  These past couple of months been absolutely CRAZY for me.  Things are finally settled down and we have gotten into a nice routine, so let me update you on my journey…

On my last surrogacy post, we had just had our first midwife appointment.  Since then, we have grown (literally AND figuratively) leaps and bounds in our journey.  We went through an STD scare.  Apparently you can get a false positive for Syphilis when you are pregnant.  This ended up with me getting a shot in each butt cheek only to find out I didn’t REALLY have Syphilis.  Thank you, Faulty Tests.


We have had about 5 ultrasounds for various reasons including checking dates, the STD scare, gender determination and our anatomy scan.  You know what that means, right??  Oh yes!!  We got to find out what gender this little baby is!!

Of course, I’m sure you’re dying to know if you don’t follow me on my other social media and already know.  It would only make sense that my first surrogate baby after FIVE boys is a G I R L!!  That’s right, folks…  I’ve got a ruffle-butt britches, pink, fluffy bow wearing girl living in my belly! 


Would you believe I am already 27 weeks pregnant?!  Time is really flying and I can’t believe we only have about 3 more months before we all get to meet this little lady.  Her name will be Laken Morgan R**** and her daddies are just SO excited for her arrival.  We are finally down to the third trimester and our midwife appointments are down to every two weeks!


I wanted to share with you my latest, favorite family picture.  Laken’s daddies, Joel and Shannon, joined us at the Dallas Pride Parade this year and we had such a blast.  It was MY first year along with my 5 boys and my amazing boyfriend, Michael.  It was an awesome experience and can’t wait to go back year after year.  After the parade, we went to Joel and Shannon’s house and hung out for a bit and right before we left, I made sure we got a big, rainbow family picture! 


Well, that is all for now!  I will make sure the next update is not so far away!  Until next time…

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TBQH, it’s a bit creepy how you’re the only one looking to the side at the camera and J&S are looking forward at the other one. Like…mischievous much? :p