Surrogacy Journey 1×02: Insem #1 & #2


The day has finally come and gone!  Saturday evening, the boys and I packed up our bags and headed over to the home of Supernova and Timberwolf* to stay the night for the home insem (insemination).  I was so excited to finally check out their house and see where this future little baby that we are trying to make will be living.  They have an adorable little home about 35 minutes from where I live and they are in the process of completing the second story.  After we got a tour of the house and pool house, we headed out for a yummy dinner at a local Tex-Mex place called Mattito’s.

I am impressed with how sweet and loving Supernova and Timberwolf are to my boys.  They are so engaging and love to play.  Supernova is such a big kid, so he had a blast showing the boys all of his toys.  After we ate dinner, we went back to the house and headed straight for the pool house.  Upstairs they have ping pong, pool and foosball tables so we had fun playing with those.  After a while, we went down stairs and busted out the karaoke video game.  Remy was really good at hitting all the right notes, but my favorite part was watching Supernova sing “Let It Go”.  Heheh!  It was pretty funny!!  

After we were worn out from all the playing, we went to the main house to watch a movie.  We had snack and drinks while watching “Maleficent”.  I didn’t get to see the end of it because I had to go put Charlie to bed.  He was turning into a cranky baby since he had a long, busy day.


I bet you’re wondering, “How in the world does this home insem happen?”.  Well, once the kids were all in bed and asleep, Timberwolf brought me the “sample” in a cup with a medicine syringe.  I suck up the sample into the syringe and then insert it as close to my cervix as possible.  You release the contents of the syringe very slowly, just a tiny bit at a time.  Then you put an Instead Softcup in place to kind of keep it all where it needs to be.  We did the first insem right before we all went to bed and then did a second the next morning a couple hours before we got up and going for brunch.

After brunch, we went back to the house and loaded everything back up to head home.  I had bought a couple ovulation tests to double check my fertility window so I decided to take one before I went to bed.  It turned positive almost immediately, so that means we have a pretty good chance for success!  We are planning to do a third insem on Tuesday evening just for good measure!  

I’m so excited to be on this wonderful journey with these two great guys!  I hope you all stick around to see what happens next!!  

*Bad ass code names for anonymity

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