Surrogacy Journey 1×09: Laken’s Birth Story


Friday evening, January 8th, I had been having contractions about 6-8 minutes apart, but some would go longer. This wasn’t out of the ordinary as they had been this way over the past couple weeks off and on. Shannon and Joel decided to head to bed probably around 11pm. I decided to lay down on the bed for a bit to see if the contractions would slow down or stop, but they stayed fairly consistent so after a bit, I got back up and figured I’d keep timing them. I messaged my photographer, Megan and told her to be on stand by as this MIGHT be it, but it was still too early for me to really tell. This was around 11:45.


So I kept tracking and timing and before I knew it, my contractions jumped from 6 minutes to 4 minutes to 3 minutes. I was sitting on the birth ball and made the call to the guys at just after 1:15am. I asked them if they were ready to have a baby! So they woke up, came downstairs and I told them that I’d had a few 3 minutes apart contractions and that it was time to call the midwife. My contractions were just starting to get a little more than uncomfortable at this point. I had to breathe through them. I texted Megan right after I called the guys and she was out the door.


We had started filling up the birth tub but the hot water ran out so Shannon was boiling water on the stove and Joel was getting water from the pool house with a cooler. Megan arrived maybe ten minutes before 2am. When she arrived, I told her I was very close and she should probably wait to move her car out of the no parking zone where she had accidentally parked.  My babies waste NO time when they are ready to come out! She started snapping away as I quietly breathed through each contraction. I had gotten in the tub just before she arrived, even though it wasn’t full because I just couldn’t wait any longer. I knew Laken was so close to coming out but I kept myself from pushing until my midwife Dinah arrived.


About 5 minutes after Megan, Dinah arrived and walked into the room.  I told her baby was coming within 2-3 contractions. She checked on Laken with her Doppler and just let me do my thing. Luckily she’s seen me through several births so she knew I was almost there. With the next two contractions, I gently pushed, letting my body do the real work. My water broke, her head came out and her body followed all in one perfect motion. Our other midwife, Emily arrived just as I was pulling Laken out of the water at 2:03am on January 9th.

laken-birth-4 laken-birth-5

The moment was absolute perfection. She finally made her entrance. The moment her daddies have been waiting for for nearly eight years. After her umbilical cord stopped pulsing, Joel was able to cut it and hold his longed for baby girl for the first time.  In that moment, a new family was born. 



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