Surrogacy Journey 1×01: Meeting the Intended Parents

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A few years ago, I decided that I would really like to be a surrogate.  I saw some friends go through the journey and it really touched me.  I felt like since I was such an ideal pregnant person, this was meant for me.  I always have such easy pregnancies with no issues.  I don’t get super sick or tired.  I can manage everything pretty well up to my due date, so I don’t need bed rest.  I do get a bit of SPD, but it’s nothing that isn’t manageable with some chiro care with my favorite lady!

About a year and a half ago, after my ex and I split, I decided that is was time for me to research this journey.  I had just had Charlie, so I was not yet cycling and knew it would be a while before I could start the process.  I knew that I wanted to start looking though and see if I could find a good match.  I ended up on a surrogacy classified board and came across an ad that spoke to me, so I contacted the couple.

I got an email back from the two guys, Supernova and Timberwolf*, and discovered that they were already talking to another possible surrogate.  They asked if they could get back to me if things didn’t work out and I replied that I would like that.  Over a year passed and this past September, I got a new email from them.  Their surrogate didn’t work out and they were interested in talking to me!

I missed the email at first and didn’t get in touch with them until November.  I learned how they were in the process of remodeling their home and after chatting on the phone, we decided to meet up after the new year.  On January 31st, I got a text from Timberwolf.  They were ready to meet up and chat in person.  I was so excited so we decided on breakfast for February 15th.  We met up at a IHOP and had breakfast with four of my five boys in tow.  Chevy ended up staying home with my mom.  We got to know each other and I felt like we meshed really well.  They are a couple of amazing, sweet and caring guys.  We laughed and talked and enjoyed a lovely meal.  I loved how they interacted with my kids and could see what good parents they would be.  

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Once we got down to the nitty gritty, we even laughed about my “Aunt Flo is in Town” stickers that I keep in my planner.  We figured out that my ovulation date will be around March 6th and are planning a fun “home insem” sleepover that weekend!  I am really looking forward to beginning this journey with Supernova and Timberwolf.  I feel like they have already become a part of my family and I am so honored to be the one they chose to bake their little superhero!

*bad ass code names for anonymity

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As your cousin—and also because I’ve already said it multiple times—it goes without saying that I am excited for you (and them)!