Surrogacy Journey 1×06: First Midwife Appt & Ultrasound

Hey everyone!!  I want to apologize for the delay in getting this super important post on here!!  We just moved into our RV over the weekend, so we have been SUPER busy!!  More about that coming soon!  If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen the picture and a clip of the video, but I wanted to share a little longer of a chunk of it on here.  


Let’s go back to last Wednesday which was our first midwife appointment.  I see the lovely Dinah at Lovers Lane Birth Center.  She is absolutely awesome and has been through my last four pregnancies with me.  She was very intrigued with our surrogacy and totally supportive which is great.  I especially loved how she was super supportive of donor breast milk if for some reason I am unable to pump enough for baby.

After our appointment, we went to First Peek Ultrasound in McKinney to get a peek at baby.  SurroSquish was having him or herself a little dance party in there, wiggling all over the place.  He/She has a great, steady heartbeat and is measuring right on track.  Here’s a little (longer) piece of the video…