Surrogacy Journey 1×12: Our Newborn Photoshoot

As an extra special treat, another lovely friend, Katie of Katie Res Photography, came and did an awesome newborn photoshoot for us.

This post is picture-heavy.

Laken-nb-1 Laken-nb-2 Laken-nb-3 Laken-nb-4 Laken-nb-5 Laken-nb-6 Laken-nb-7 Laken-nb-8 Laken-nb-9 Laken-nb-10 Laken-nb-11 Laken-nb-12 Laken-nb-13 Laken-nb-14 Laken-nb-15 Laken-nb-16 Laken-nb-17 Laken-nb-18 Laken-nb-19 Laken-nb-20 Laken-nb-21 Laken-nb-22 Laken-nb-23 Laken-nb-24 Laken-nb-25 Laken-nb-26 Laken-nb-27 Laken-nb-28 Laken-nb-29 Laken-nb-30 Laken-nb-31 Laken-nb-32 Laken-nb-33 Laken-nb-34 Laken-nb-35 Laken-nb-36

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Oh she’s so precious. Little baby feet picture made me melt and miss when mine were that small. The love on her Daddy’s faces is so touching, it’s beautiful <3

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