Surrogacy Journey 1×03: Arrival of my Damn Period


This was one of the things I wasn’t thinking about or preparing for.  When it doesn’t take.  Damn.  That really sucks when you are hoping and trying so hard to make a baby for such an amazing couple.  It’s always been so easy for me to get pregnant, without really any trying, so it’s tough when I come to the realization that it didn’t work this time.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I am defeated.  Quite the opposite, in fact!  I texted Timberwolf to tell him the news and he was so positive that it turned my frown upside down!  I know that sounds cheesy, but I have to think about it from their point of view.  They have been through this.  The wait.  The disappointment.  The loss.  They know what this feels like.  They are really good at taking it one day at a time and just being patient for it to happen when it’s meant to happen.

I really love that about them.  It takes a lot of the pressure off of me and makes me feel less sad when it doesn’t work.  I know that one day, it will.  When that time comes, all of these moments of disappointment will be just a memory.

Here’s to cycle number two!!  We are planning on our next insemination on Easter weekend.  Hopefully the arrival of Spring will give me some good fertile vibes!!

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