Surrogacy Journey 1×04: I’m Pregnant!!


Ok, so as you know, the first at home insemination didn’t work out for us.  My period arrived and it was a pretty depressing moment for me.  Luckily, I have AMAZING intended fathers that are incredibly patient and loving.  I was reassured that it would happen when it was meant to happen.

I spent the month of March doing the Whole30 which includes a diet of many foods that are fertility superfoods such as avocados, broccoli, almonds, eggs and olive oil.  I strongly believe that my healthy eating paired with our perfect timing this past insemination was the key to our success!!

I had been testing every day from about seven days past ovulation because peeing on sticks is addictive.  I tested that Sunday through Wednesday because I was having some symptoms such as sore boobs, increased peeing and heartburn.  Heartburn, which I ONLY get when pregnant.  The tests were negative, after negative after negative.  I was pretty disappointed so I decided to stop testing until I ended up being late.

Well, Saturday rolls around and I thought, “Hmm, I haven’t tested in two days, so I’m going to take a test just for fun.”  I had a bunch of tests from a review, so I took one and sat it on the floor.  I just knew it would be negative.  I glanced at it after about half a minute and looked away.  I quickly looked back and thought, “Wait a minute!  What is THAT?!”  I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but it looked like a faint line.  I picked it up and kept staring at it as the line slowly darkened.  I was 12 days past ovulation and holding a positive pregnancy test after our second at home insemination.  

I could HARDLY believe my eyes!!  I was so excited and messaged a good friend, then several good friends to tell them the news.  I set up an elaborate plan on how to tell Supernova and Timberwolf which had me waiting until the following TUESDAY!  Let me tell you…  I had to really keep busy because I wanted to tell them SOOOOO badly!!  It was the hardest wait ever!!

Once Tuesday rolled around, I headed to meet the guys at their house where they thought a friend of mine was delivering them some “sperm increasing” supplements.  Hehehe.  I know.  I’m rotten.  It was SO worth it though.  I made them a onesie that says “I love my dads” and gave them a balloon, card and our beloved Sophie toy.  It was such a sweet, precious moment that I will always cherish.  

We did get the reveal on video and as soon as we are far along that the guys are ready to share with the world, the video will be posted for everyone to cry over!!  It’s seriously so heartwarming and I am so blessed to be on this journey with them.  I love you guys!!  

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I don’t know if they read these posts, or the comments on them, but for what it is worth, I totally ship them. They’re adorable, and I’m so, so happy for them.<3