Dallas GFAF Expo 2016

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Whoa!!  Is it already that time of year??  It’s getting dangerously close to one of my favorite events of the year…  The Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly Expo is coming to Dallas, Texas this September 10th and 11th.  This will be my THIRD year attending as a member of the press!  Can you tell that I am excited?!

Every year, I can’t wait to check out all of the new brands and products.  There is always something new and delicious that I must have.  My first year attending the Expo, I was pretty skeptical.  I had not been introduced to many gluten free or allergen friendly foods, so I assumed they would all be bland and boring.  I personally do not suffer from food allergies nor to I have Celiac disease, but I have lots of friends and family members who have special diets.  I was shocked and amazed by how many DELICIOUS things were available for those in need of a special diet.  My opinion on gluten free and allergen friendly foods completely turned around and I have since been hooked on MANY of the products I have discovered at the Expo.

Another thing I love about the GF&AF Expo is seeing the faces I already know.  The people of the brands I already love also enjoy seeing ME back again every year to show me what is going on new with their company.  It’s so neat to see the suggestions we give on new products occasionally come to life!! 

If you or someone you love has a restricted diet due to food allergies or Celiac disease, the GF&AF Expo is a must-attend event.  If you are not in or near the Dallas-Fort Worth area, there will also be an expo in New Jersey as well as Arizona later this year.  Get your tickets here and use the code ADVANCE for 20% off of your tickets!

Author: Charlise Lee

I am a Crunchy Mama of 5 rowdy boys and 2 sweet girls! I also gave birth to a baby girl in January 2016 for an awesome couple as their surrogate. I married my awesome husband, Brian in October 2016 and we are located in a little city outside of Dallas, Texas. I am a jill-of-many-trades. I run a laundry service, do custom sewing and even sell lactation cookies to my locals. I love to shop at thrift stores, take showers without an audience and spend time dreaming of a life off the grid! Follow me on Instagram for behind-the-scenes photos in the life of my crunchy family!