Gluten & Allergen Free Expo Mini Reviews Part 2

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Welcome to part two of my mini reviews!  I hope you enjoy the mini reviews of all of these great vendors!  We have some full reviews along with some giveaways coming soon to the blog, so make sure you come back and check them out!  If you are interested in learning more about these companies, you can find their website links on the GFAF Vendor page and you are welcome to check out the rest of our photos from the Expo as well!  You can also find more Expo pics on my Instagram!

I don’t usually drink beer, but when I do, it’s always a flavored, sweet beer.  I have had Mike’s Hard Lemonade in the past, so I was already a fan, but I am in LOVE with their Hard Black Cherry Lemonade!  It’s SO tasty!!  I never knew it was gluten-free!

Milton’s Craft Bakers make the BEST crackers EVER!!  Move over cheez-its!  This gluten-free cracker will eat you for breakfast!  My 3 year old and 18 month old polished off a bag of the cheddar cheese crackers in an hour.  

If you are looking for some authentic Italian foods, check out Mother Teresa’s Fine Foods!  I sampled the spicy artichoke and sun dried tomatoes and OH MY!  They are SO yummy!!

Are you a busy, working person but still want all the benefits of delicious healthy foods?  My Fit Foods takes all of the work out of eating healthy.  You don’t have to worry about shopping for groceries or spending time in the kitchen prepping and cooking.  You can order your meals online and pick them up at a location near you.  Who needs fast food when you have My Fit Foods?!

Natural Awakenings is one of my favorite magazines.  I find it at a local restaurant and love that it has information about healthy foods, fitness and community events.

Nature’s Path offers a wide variety of foods from breakfast cereals to baking ingredients.  My kids really enjoy their cereal and organic toaster pastries!

Another company I am already a huge fan of is Naturepedic.  They have great mattresses that are made of organic materials and are free from harmful chemicals!

I was a bit surprised at how good the Raspberry Ale by New Planet tasted.  I am not a beer drinker and this was totally a beer I could drink when I am hanging out with friends!  

NoGii Bars really are one of the best tasting protein bars on the market.  They don’t leave that funky aftertaste in your mouth!  


Nona Lim was one of my VERY favorite vendors of the day.  Their rice noodles and Thai Curry and Lime Broth is SO good I could eat it by the gallon!  Doesn’t that look tasty?

Norwex has a really cool dusting mitt that has micro silver in the cloth.  This prevents the mitt from getting moldy and stinky!

Nuun is a refreshing electrolyte enhanced drink tab that you add to water.  It tastes great and doesn’t have that overpowering sweet taste that regular sports drinks have.

NutraSumma carries many flavors of an awesome soy and gluten-free Pea Protein powders.  Keep an eye out for a full review of NutraSumma coming soon to the blog!

Thanks to companies like Oatmega, you can eat cookies because they are good for you.  The Perfect Cookie contains fiber, protein and omega-3s.  

The Seaweed Chips by Ocean’s Halo are very interesting.  They were very full of flavor!  The company is partnered with the Monterey Bay Aquarium and donates 2% of their profits to their Children’s Education fund.

Omission Beer has a really cool feature attached to all of their beer.  There is a stamp on every bottle that allows you to go on their website and check for yourself the results of the gluten content test for every batch.  Not only is a great tasting, gluten free beer, but they go far and beyond to ensure the standards of their company.

I am in love with all of Pamela’s Products!  There is a range from cookies to baking mixes.  I really love their Whenever Bars that are packed full of fruit and nuts!

I have started eating dark chocolate with a high percentage of cacao in hope that my children would stay out of it and it has really made me more aware of the amazing taste of chocolate without all all of the sugar.  Pascha’s 100% cacao unsweetened baking chips have amazing flavor!

If you’re looking for a good snack bar and a healthy pick-me-up, check out Raw Revolution’s bars.  They are made of organic ingredients and are full of nutrition.

Rhythm Superfoods has a line of two different great chips.  The first one is a more traditional type of baked chip made of non-GMO corn and nutrients like pea protein.  Then they also have a kale chip that s available in several flavors.

Another one of my favorite vendors at the Expo is Saffron Road.  They made some amazing little crunchy chickpeas that remind me of corn nuts, but are way healthier and don’t break your teeth!  Keep an eye out for a full review of Saffron Road coming soon!

San-J has a large selection of Asian-inspired food that includes sauce, marinades and gluten free, all natural soups.  These sauces are incredibly rich and full of flavor!

I found an awesome company named Schar (pronounced like my nickname, Char) that creates a large line of gluten-free products such as delicious frozen pizzas and baked goodies.  

Send Me Gluten Free is an amazing subscription box that is full of gluten-free products.  I was SO surprised at how many different products were in the box.  There were over ten items, including my FAVORITE, Lovely Candy Co. caramels!  Keep an eye out for a full review and giveaway of a SMGF Box!

I was so completely blow away by the baked goods created with Sevierly Good’s baking mixes.  The samples provided at the Expo on Saturday and Sunday were baked on the Wednesday BEFORE the Expo and they were so incredibly delicious and moist, you never would guess that they were not fresh baked.

The almond flour baked goods made with Simple Mills‘ baking mixes are what I accidentally fed Liz.  OOPS!  They are actually so delicious that I completely forgot that almonds are tree nuts which is one of her allergens.  Luckily she got to enjoy it AND didn’t get sick, so I think that’s a double win.

Simply Gluten Free is another great magazine full of gluten and allergen free recipes.  It also have lots of giveaways and basic information about eating gluten-free.


If you’re looking for some seriously delicious gluten-free pizza, check out Smart Flour Foods.  They make convenient frozen pizzas as well as pizza crusts in case you’d like to create your own masterpiece.

My seven year old son is the biggest SOYJOY fan in our house.  I love the bars are packed full of flavors that my kids love.  They tell me how much the banana bar tastes just like banana bread.  My personal favorite is the dark chocolate cherry.  There will be some samples in our giveaway of the GFAF Expo goodie box which you can find if you go to our post of day two of the Expo!

I was so excited that my favorite store, Sprouts was a vendor at the Expo.  What I love most about Sprouts is how affordable it is to find healthier foods for my family.

If you don’t like the funky aftertaste you get with stevia, try Swerve!  It is a zero-calorie natural sweetener made from Erythritol and is safe for people with Diabetes.  You can use it cup for cup as a sugar replacement in all of your recipes!

Tera’s Whey carries many different kinds of Whey Protein Powder Mixes including special blends for issues such a hunger control and sustained energy.  They taste really good and easily be mixed in to some almond milk or a smoothie!

The Lovely Candy Company is MORE than lovely.  They are INCREDIBLE!  They create the yummiest caramels you could indulge in!  Keep an eye out for a full review of these LOVELY candies coming soon!

GF Mom Certified’s Three Days to Perfection will introduce you to pastry perfection.  Keep an eye out for more information about this amazing cookbook!

We love Udi’s products but had never before tried their tortillas.  I was SO surprised at how the tasted so fresh and homemade.  They are delicious!!

Unrefined Bakery brings you some amazing gluten and allergen free goodies.  I got to sample the Dark Chocolate Silk Pie and it was dreamy!  You definitely don’t lost any flavor with the products!  They prove by miles that gluten-free does not mean taste-free!

We are already a big fan of Van’s Foods.  They have a wide line of products from waffles to crackers.  My kids think that they beat out traditional non-gluten-free products every day!  

Way Better Snacks corn chips are another one of my VERY favorite products of the Expo.  These Pumpkin Cranberry chips are so unique and delicious!  Keep an eye out for a full review and giveaway of these coming soon!

In addition to a line of gluten-free baking mixes, Wildtree carries a line of flavored grapeseed oils.  I tried several of the flavors and my favorites were the jalapeno and zesty lemon!


Thank you for reading all of my mini reviews of the vendors from the Expo!  I hope you have found some great new products to try!  Keep your eyes peeled for more great stuff to come!!


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