Homemade Valentine’s Day Crayons

Are you looking for something fun to send to school with your kids in place of candy for Valentine’s Day?  I am always THAT mom who tries to avoid the sugar and dyes on these holidays where SO many treats are given to my kids.  It’s one thing if they have it every now and then, but holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween guarantee that we have a bowl full of sugar rush and hyperactivity for a month straight.  NO, THANK YOU.

On one of my local buy-sell-trade groups, a mama was giving away a HUGE bag of crayons which gave me a brilliant idea!  Why don’t I break these crayons up and make some cute little shaped crayons?  

I went to my local thrift store where I remembered seeing some silicone molds a while back.  The package had been ripped open and they were priced a little high ($9.99 for four molds, two of which I didn’t really WANT) so I asked if I could see if the manager would let me only buy the two I wanted for half price.  In the end, I ended up getting all 4 molds for only $1.99 (because my local thrift store is SUPER awesome) and I also snagged 2 little plastic dinosaur molds for $1.99.  It pays (or saves!) to be thrifty and there’s nothing wrong with haggling!

So I got my molds home, pulled out my ginormous bag of crayons and started to pick away at a crayon wrapper.  It didn’t take me long to think to myself that this was a horrible idea…

Luckily, I’m a pretty smart cookie so I pulled out a bowl of warm water and stuck the crayons into the bowl.  

Once they sit in the water for a few minutes, the labels become WAY easier to remove!  You’re welcome.  

After you have a handful of naked crayons, start breaking them into 4-5 pieces each.  You’ll want to put a few different colors of naked crayon pieces into each little mold.  I filled each mold up to the top with crayon pieces knowing that they would melt down and leave me with a shaped crayon about half of the depth of the mold.  

Once all of your little molds are full of crayon pieces, you can start the melting process.  I melted mine in the microwave and it took about four minutes.  You could melt them in the oven, but make sure you place your silicone molds on a sheet pan.  They can be a little flimsy and you don’t want to spill molten crayon on yourself or someone else.

For some strange reason, a couple of the colors (neon yellow-green for one) would not melt so I just kind of poked the non-melted crayon pieces down into the melted part with my fingernail after I took them out of the microwave.  I allowed the crayons to sit on my stove top for a while until they were mostly cooled and then I placed the mold into the refrigerator to finish hardening.

Let them sit in the fridge for at least an hour before you pull them out.  If they are not completely cooled, they won’t properly come out of the molds.  You’ll want to pull the edge of the silicone mold away from the shaped crayon and gently pop each one out from the back.  Don’t try to push them out to hard or they will break!  You can also push up one side of the mold and then pull the crayon out to avoid putting too much pressure on it.

I noticed that there was a lot of crayon residue left in the molds because they were not very easy to remove.  It might help to use a little coconut oil in each mold before you put in your crayons so they pop out a little easier.  You don’t have to clean out the mold if you are doing multiple batches unless you don’t want the color of crayon residue remaining on your next batch.  

I would recommend NOT using these molds for food items after they are used with crayons.  You can certainly clean them out and use them for future craft projects such as more crayon making, soap making or even sorting (buttons, coins, etc).  

This is a great way to use up your broken crayons or those that had the labels removed.  My kids always come home with half used crayons at the end of the year and we love making rainbow crayons.  Last time, we used a mini muffin pan to make little crayon coins!  Try to use Crayola brand crayons for this project as other brands contain more wax and make the shaped crayon look a little muddled.  

I’m going to find a way to attach them to little cards that say, “Art is the way to my heart“.  My boys were super excited about the crayons and loved getting involved in the process of stripping and breaking the crayons.  They even got to make a few extras to keep for themselves!

What will your kids be sharing on Valentine’s Day?