Intimina Lily Cup Compact Review

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Intimina Lily Cup Compact Review |

Shortly after agreeing to review this product in exchange for my honest opinion, I learned from Bree of Precious Stars Pads that it’s not the best for someone trying menstrual cups for the first time. I mean, I use the Instead Softcups, but this isn’t really the same?

In other words, that is literally all I have to compare my experience to.

Intimina Lily Cup Compact Review | crunchyfamily.comAnyway, the Intimina Lily Cup Compact is a menstrual cup that collapses down into a cute compact case – it’s the first of its kind and reminds me of a compact mirror, or a compact mirror and hairbrush, in that it could easily fit into a pocket. It’s discrete and cute.

I was actually looking at the original Intimina Lily Cup last year when I first considered (and decided) to switch over to these sorts of products (reusable menstrual products) for various reasons, so I’m glad to have gotten to work with Intimina and try them out – it just took a while, because I tend to have less frequent cycles with heavier days. (It worsened when I was prescribed birth control for ovarian cysts… I’ll never go back to birth control, as they all contain allergens, and somehow that’s not supposed to matter…?)

Using it at first is a rather scary concept: Unlike the Instead Softcup, the Intimina Lily Cup Compact has a suction and goes in a lot differently… it comes out much differently, too. Bree recommended trying it in the shower for the first time, so I did, and I’d recommend it to anyone not used to this sort of menstrual cup, too.

You know, to sort of “practice” before actually doing it.

…that sounds bad. But seriously, the shower works, because you have water there and can make messes and get messy, thus no need to worry much if you screw something up.

Intimina Lily Cup Compact Review | crunchyfamily.comAfter watching various videos on menstrual cup insertion tips, I found the “C” fold to work best for myself and the Intimina Lily Cup Compact. The cup is big at first, but the “C” fold actually makes it doable, because it almost creates a triangle-like shape, which makes it easier to manage.

I think the biggest differences between the Instead Softcup and the Intimina Lily Cup Compact are 1) insertion and 2) removal.

While the Instead Softcup is inserted all the way and your pubic bone seals it, the Intimina Lily Cup Compact isn’t pushed back as far as it can go, and the suction seals it.

During removal, the Instead Softcup creates a bloody mess, and I wouldn’t want to be caught in public with it on my non-light days, because tissue leaves particles behind (and it’s not good to have something absorbent up in there), and it doesn’t really pour all that well. I also find it easier to insert when it’s wet. The Intimina Lily Cup Compact, however, is cleaner once you get the hang of it, and literally just pours out… you don’t necessarily have to have a sink nearby to sort things out.

I feel like the Intimina Lily Cup Compact protects me more, to be honest — I think of it as a bathtub plug, or a lid, in that it seals things and avoids messy situations. As with both cups, if you insert it right, you shouldn’t be able to feel it… I say shouldn’t, because I tend to feel everything, thanks to sensory overload. There is an intense difference when either are inserted incorrectly, however.

In terms of collection, I feel like the Intimina Lily Cup Compact holds more and doesn’t have to be changed as often – even though both are good for up to twelve hours… On my heavy days, I have to change the Instead Softcup once every one or two hours, or the feeling of it pressing against the pubic bone simply wears me down and makes me go back to disposable pads (I’m slowly building my collection of cloth pads), because I can’t handle the pressure — because again, sensory overload. Sometimes, it’s just that it’s too big.

However — and maybe it’s the fact that the entire product is made of medical-grade silicone and super smooth — the Intimina Lily Cup Compact doesn’t really press against anything, so it’s pretty superb, and I could probably use it when I’m feeling my worst and on my heaviest of days. There is also two sizes, and you can easily trim the rim if it’s too long. I’m probably supposed to trim mine, but I’m not that used to it yet.

Intimina Lily Cup Compact Review |

All in all, the Intimina Lily Cup Compact is flexible, which is something I need, because I love dancing and stretch often. It’s easy to forget it exists, and it’s a bit hard to get used to, but it’s pretty awesome.

How great is getting to sleep through the whole night without worries? ¡Muy fantástico!

Have you tried any Intimina products? If so, which one(s), and what did you think? If not, is there anything you most want to try?

product photos © Intimina.

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