Life of a Crunchy Kid: Noah


Noah comes from a family of 5 crunchy kids. Check out his mom Rachel’s blog here!

“My name is Noah. I am 11 and I live in a crunchy family. Do you know what a crunchy family is? That means we live as natural as we can and my mom makes us eat lots of vegetables. We also try bizarre foods like chocolate-covered kale (I don’t recommend it). We eat gluten free and get a lot of our food from local farms. I like that we get our food from local farms because they treat the animals humanely and they aren’t all about making money. They really care about the flavor and quality of their food. The foods we get like bacon, eggs, raw milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, spices and pecan butter are really delicious.

Being gluten free is ok because now there are a lot of options but it’s still hard when my friends have pizza and I can’t have any. But I do get to try a lot of interesting treats. Sometimes it’s hard to find restaurants to eat at that are gluten free so we can’t eat out a lot and we can’t easily get food when we are away from home.

My sister was born at home in our kitchen…  It was weird.  There were a lot of people running around and mom was screaming.  We got to hang out in the front room and eat a lot of food. It was interesting to see the baby all white and slimy and see the cord. I cut the cord and it was nastily awesome, like dissecting frogs.

When I get sick, I don’t have to go to the doctor and take nasty medicines that taste bad. My mom uses essential oils and puts them on me and it makes me feel better. I like to use oils for making my room smell good. Wintergreen is my favorite. My mom made me a spray bottle to spray it around my room. I also use an oil blend on my muscles when they are sore from running around outside. Essential oils are a lot easier and faster than most medicines.

I like being home schooled because I have more time with my family. The benefits of being home schooled are we can go on vacation whenever we want, I play outside for hours and I have time to take care of my pet lizards. What I don’t like about being home schooled is I don’t have classmates my own age and my siblings are really annoying sometimes.

Overall it’s not that bad to live in a crunchy family. It’s pretty fun.”

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