Life with Allergies

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At the start of 2013, I was sick with the flu, and it wouldn’t go away. I went to the doctor’s office, filled out a pink paper that was in the midst of all that fun paperwork, and a week or so later I was diagnosed with allergies to [almost] everything.

It’s now over a year later, and I only have knowledge on where foods come from and what those preservatives inside them really are — like with cheese and chocolate being the same kind of mold that grows in a bathroom.

I eat on a rotation diet, which means I have certain foods every three days. To keep from getting sick, I have to pick and choose which to eat based on what the worst possible outcome will be. I have to analyze everything.

For example, a salad becomes as followed:

  • lettuce (borderline)
  • cheese (severe)
    • milk, lactose (both severe)
  • ranch dressing
    • milk, lactose, vinegar/molds/yeast

I don’t normally eat breakfast, but when I do, it’s usually sausage.

If I went completely allergy-free, I would have to give up all seasonings, leftover meats (includes but does not limit to lunch meats), and everything that actually tastes good. ;) I’d also have to quit going outside completely, as I’m highly allergic to a lot of the airborne allergens.

Although the shots make my immune system stronger, they’re not ‘fast acting’ — people tell me the average time span it takes to finally set in is three years.

Do you have allergies? How have they changed your life?

Author: Jane

I'm an introverted ailurophile. I only got into this because Charlise is my cousin and doesn't code. 👩‍💻 Kinsey scale says I'm a 6. 🤷‍♀️ I'm into emoji, fiction, flannel, gardening, GIF conversations, herbal teas (rooibos, peppermint) learning Japanese 🇯🇵, music, reading, Sudoku, and squishing babies.