Living Small: Our RV Journey


What have I gotten myself into??  This evening, Michael and I are going to purchase our beautiful, new-to-us RV!!  We will be living in the RV for roughly a year while we save up to buy a piece of land.  Once we have land, we will either be putting a mobile home on it or building an Earthship.  We eventually want a sustainable, eco-friendly home, but due to zoning laws, we may not be able to park our RV on our land to live in while we build.  


Can you imagine…?  Two adults and FIVE children (all boys) in less than 250 square feet of space.  Tiny, but doable, if you really want to make it work.  The RV sleeps up to 9, so we have plenty to sleeping space.  There is a “bedroom” in the back with triple bunk beds which the boys are really excited about.


 The couch and dinette area also turn into beds.  Plus the adults have their own “bedroom” with a queen size bed.  


There’s a cute little kitchen and the bathroom even has a BATHTUB!  

rv5 rv3

It’s pretty cute and I think we will enjoy it as long as we don’t go crazy.  Hopefully we will be able to build a deck and a mini garden this summer!  If only we could have chickens, but I am pretty sure our RV neighbors wouldn’t enjoy that.  

Would you ever consider living small??

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In more rural areas, parking/living in an RV on land you own should be acceptable. Of course, it does depend on how deep into the country you want to go and live. :p