My Crunchy #LocalLegends

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We usually have pretty low-key summers.  Being a large family, it costs a lot to go lots of places and do lots of things.  Occasionally doing some crafts, playing video games and swimming is our typical summer.  This summer is going to be EPIC!  We will also be taking our crafting to another level and sharing everything on Instagram as well as the blog here.  We plan on becoming local legends!!

Baby Solara sitting on grass

This year, we will also be hitting up all kinds of local venues to have fun!  Thanks to our Pogo Pass, we will get to visit many different family fun centers and experience a new kind of summer.  It’s always a big deal when we go out anywhere since we are a large family.  We get lots of stares, so we already feel like celebrities!  This year, adding the tiny princess who is FINALLY walking into the mix will get us all of the looks.  Solara goes everywhere in style and Gymboree has tons of adorable outfits with matching head to toe accessories to keep her looking adorable all summer long.  She has more clothes in her closet than I do.  I love being able to dress her in something new and fun every day.  Hair bows are my FAVORITE accessory and she is sprouting just enough hair to do a little clippie on top or tiny pigtails.  It’s the cutest thing ever and I have to enjoy while she still lets me dress her.  I am sure she will be a rebellious “threenager” before long!

My oldest son, Bradyn will be attending some awesome computer science day camps at the local college.  He is very into video games and would love to learn all about making them.  I was so excited when I found out about the camps because it sounded absolutely perfect for him.  Bradyn is super smart and wants to be an architect one day.  I have told him that learning all the computer design programs now will really help him in his future career whether he eventually goes into architecture or any other kind of computer design.  He has such a creative mind combined with amazing intelligence!

Remy, my second oldest, will be going to an Irish Music Retreat.  He is an excellent musician and loves all of the string instruments.  At home, he plays guitar mostly.  He was really looking forward to learning the banjo, but that class just didn’t have much interest so he will be joining whatever is popular.  I guess his taste in music and instruments is very unique!  He loves learning new songs and can usually do so by ear!  Our whole family is pretty musical, but it still impresses me every time I see my big baby playing songs!  His goal is to go on tour one day. 

My middle boy, Phoenix, will probably be doing mostly crafts this summer.  He is my shy, quiet child and not much of a camp kind of person.  He loves art though and could draw better than I could from a VERY young age.  He loves to create which he definitely gets from me.  I have been all over Pinterest looking for fun things that he and the younger kids would enjoy!  Phoenix and Remy are both also obsessed with YouTube and would love to be stars.  I am betting that they will be wanting to post about everything we do this summer on our channel.  It’s so awesome having kids with multiple talents because they even teach ME things sometimes.  Remy is my video pro!

Chevy and Charlie are the two youngest boys.  They are much like Phoenix and love to make things.  They are always so proud to show off their creations.  These two boys are also the most energetic, so they will be dragging me into the pool every evening.

One thing all of these kids have in common is their bottomless pit bellies.  We will be exploring new foods as well as some fun food crafts this summer as well.  I always hear that they easiest way to get a kid to eat their food is to get them to help you in the kitchen.  We will be doing some “Life Skills” lessons where they learn how to make simple foods.  This summer is going to be a BLAST and we look forward to sharing it with each and every one of our readers!

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