The booths I’m looking forward to most at the 2017 Dallas GFAF Expo

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Guess what time of year it is again!! Not that it’s in the title or anything, but if you guessed the Gluten-Free and Allergen-Friendly Expo, you’re right! They’re coming to Dallas, Texas again this year, on October 28th and 29th. It’s like Halloween for adults. (I mean, kids can go, too, but Halloween. For adults.) This will be my FOURTH year attending as a member of the GFAF press team! Is my excitement obvious??!!

I look forward to checking out all the new brands and products (and revisiting my favorites) every year. As you know, I was skeptical my first year because I had not been introduced to many gluten-free or allergen-friendly foods and assumed they would all be “bland and boring”. Again, I don’t personally suffer from allergies (except to latex) or have Celiac disease, but I have many friends and family members who follow special diets because of them.

That’s why, aside from all the familiar faces, I’m sharing which booths I’m looking forward to most. I have a lot of favorites and discover new ones every year!

Dallas GFAF Expo 2017 booths I’m looking forward to

Logo for Aleia's: a red circle with white text: a lowercase 'a' resembles a heart; ALEIAS in capital letters, with the 's' in small caps with a line underneath; slogal: 'Love of Artisan Food'Aleia’s

Have you ever had their cookies? They’re SO GOOD. Liz and I go to Aleia’s booth both Saturday AND Sunday every year because we love them that much. We have to be quick and prioritize them, though, because their cookies sell out FAST. I think it’s safe to say they’re an expo favorite for many.

Brazi Bites

I NEED ALL THE CHEESY BREAD. I sent my husband to the store last year last-minute to buy some before my coupons expired. We go to this booth multiple times each day, and the ladies representing Brazi Bites don’t seem to mind.

Logo: Enjoy Life FoodsEnjoy Life Foods

Enjoy Life Foods has something new every year. They sponsor the nut-free section, which Liz loves because she can’t have nuts. Liz calls Enjoy Life Foods one of the biggest leading brands in the free-from community because they have a wide variety of foods. I love their Plentils, which are chips, and granola bars…and cookies. You know what?? I just love all of their food!!

Feel Good FoodsFeel Good Foods

Feel Good Foods has healthy, chef-inspired frozen meals that are so fresh they taste like they were just made. They’ve brought their potstickers and eggrolls for samples over the years, and I love them all.

Logo: Freedom FoodsFreedom Foods

I just want to stand before them and let them talk to me about cereal all day with their Australian accents. Liz and I bought several boxes of Freedom Foods last year to a point of competing with each other over who would get which snack box (first come, first serve)!!

Logo: Garden LitesGarden Lites

These little muffins and bites are full of so much good stuff.  I am a huge fan of the savory Veggie Bites, but my kids will eat the chocolate muffins and have ZERO idea that they are actually eating veggies.  It’s pretty amazing how they can cram healthy stuff into such an indulgent treat. 

Logo: My BreadMy Bread

I’m pretty picky about my gluten-free breads so it’s pretty awesome to find a pita bread that I LOVE.  They are soft, delicious and so versatile.  Most importantly is that they don’t fall apart or taste like cardboard!

Logo: Natural GrocersNatural Grocers

I love this place.  While I am a big fan of Sprouts, sometimes you don’t want to have to traipse through a big grocery store to grab a couple of items.  Natural Grocers carries pretty much all of the essentials and it’s a cute little store for a quick in & out. 

Logo: NurturMeNurturMe

I am going to be more interested in this brand since I have a new little one.  My daughter is 5 months old, so she will be starting to try foods pretty soon.  I look forward to providing her with food that will be good for her tiny tummy.  My big kids even like the cookies and crackers.

Logo: Unrefined BakeryUnrefined Bakery

Oh my.  This place is to die for.  They have several storefront bakeries around the DFW area where they make cakes, cupcakes and other goodies.  They have perfected the gluten-free cake!

Logo: San-JSan-J

I love sauces.  They are really what make a meal.  Their Asian cooking sauces help me to recreate meals at home and have SO much flavor. My kids really like the Sweet & Tangy sauce.

Logo: ScharSchar

I love Schar!! It’s pronounced like my nickname, Char (shär)!! Schar is the featured blogger sponsor at the Dallas GFAF Expo this year, and they’re treating us bloggers to a meet-and-greet breakfast.

Logo: Smart Flour FoodsSmart Flour Foods

I want ALL THE PIZZA, but I especially love Smart Flour Pizza’s pizza. They bring a costume and go around the expo dressed up as a mascot sometimes.

Logo: SunButterSunButter

This is Liz’s favorite, but I love SunButter, too. #AlltheSunButter

Logo: Udi's Gluten-FreeUdi’s

The Udi’s booth is always one of my favorites because they have SO many different things to sample.  Their Chicken Penne Alfredo is one of my favorites.  I could hang around their booth all day!

Logo: Veggie FriesVeggie Fries

These are another kid friendly favorite.  Kids love anything in a dippable form, so these veggie fries are no different.  That is, if I don’t secretly eat them without them.  I love unique ways to eat MY veggies because even as a veggie-loving adult, the same old stuff can get boring.

So there you have it!!  Just a couple more weeks and we will be enjoying all of these amazing vendors and MORE!  I am excited to meet and try new products from the vendors that will be joining the expo this year.