Meet the Artist: Deleena Foster

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I have recently come across an amazing artist who has been in my mind for quite sometime.  I didn’t know who she was or where I would find her, but I know that this artist was out there waiting for me to discover her.  Just a couple weeks ago, the lovely Deleena Foster posted a beautiful coloring page in a Facebook group that we are both in and I KNEW she was the artist I had been waiting to find.  I immediately contacted her and told her how much I loved her work and that I thought she would be the PERFECT addition to our Crunchy Family team.  I am so excited to announce that she accepted my excited proposal and will be bringing her art to the blog in the form of her coloring books, art prints and other Crunchy Family exclusives!

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Deleena (29) and her husband, Stuart (33), live in a small town called Pocatello, Idaho.  They have two beautiful little boys, Wyatt (4) and Odyn (1).  Deleena loves to spend time with her family going on walks, hikes, or just reading books indoors. 

She has been “crunchy” since her oldest son was born in 2011.  From the beginning, she wanted to do what she thought was best for her child, so she decided she would have a natural birth in a hospital setting.  Deleena wasn’t very prepared for her first birth, so she decided to do Hypnobabies with her second son and had the best birth experience. 

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Deleena loves baby wearing and is a HUGE advocate for breastfeeding.  She would even like to become a Lactation Consultant one day!  Deleena was into art in school but fell away from it after graduation.  Her interest in art was reignited when she discovered Zentangle on Pinterest.  From there, she started creating her own motherhood themed drawings.  She didn’t originally plan to sell her creations until a friend asked for one.  Her current plans include finishing her first coloring book within the next month, and then moving on to creating a calendar. 

Go check out Deleena’s Facebook page and Etsy shop, Love Tangle Arts, to see what she has available for purchase.  She has created this beautiful coloring page for us to celebrate and remember all of our lost little ones.  Please print a copy of it for FREE and color it with your family in remembrance.  I would love to see everyone’s colored page posted on our Facebook page!  Stay tuned for more from Deleena and Love Tangle Arts.  You won’t want to miss what is coming!

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