Mini Essential Oil Guides: Tell us about essential oils!

Essential oils have been around for hundreds of years, though they’re finally going mainstream. We’re looking for crunchies who use them and are comfortable with them to teach us and our readers about them!

…to be fair, Charlise knows about them. I don’t know much about them. Anyway…

filipendula ulmaria, meadowsweet and achillea millefolium yarrow; oil in a beaker

For this series, the possibilities are endless! There are soooo many essential oils out there.

We don’t typically allow promotional links in guest posts due to legal obligations and potential conflicts of interest, but for this circumstance, we’d allow links to your essential oils shop if you have one.

Submission requirements

  • 1,000-1,500-word posts about one essential oil
    • Tip: Start off with why you love and use it, then include a brief summary about its history and talk about common uses; include dangers/risks, e.g. for kids, pets, pregnancy, etc.
    • Posts will use proper headings for SEO enhancement and better readability.
  • Familiar with essential oil you’re talking about
  • Link to a variety of sources (i.e. more than just your blog and/or who you sell essential oils through)
  • Explain essential oil jargon to help audience better understand

More details about guest contributions and how to post are available on our submit page!