Mobile Technology for Crunchy Moms?

By: Stuart Miles

By: Stuart Miles

Being a crunchy family generally means embracing things like eating whole foods, avoiding toxins, tending to our health more holistically and naturally, caring for our environment and trying to lead a more present life. So how does mobile technology fit in?

Before my second child, I had little to no access to the internet. I dealt with some post birth blues and felt pretty isolated in my new role as a mom. I wondered if I was normal and if my tiny baby was normal. I craved interaction with other parents but found it almost impossible to meet other people between learning how to breastfeed discretely and how to get myself and my tiny screaming infant out of the house. I found myself feeling frustrated and wishing I could go back to work.

Just before my oldest child’s first birthday, I found out I was pregnant with baby number 2. I admit, I felt panicked. I had just begun going back to work part time and felt like I could be a part of society again. I talked to adults regularly and the thought of being isolated with a newborn AND an 18 month old child made me feel anxious and sad. My babies would only be 18 months apart. 2 babies. 2 little people who rely entirely on me. For everything. I would be alone with both of them and very little adult interaction.

Not long after my second child was born, my husband asked me if I would like one of those new iPhones. Sure! Why not? I thought it would be nice but couldn’t imagine that it would be anything great. We went to the Apple store and I played with a display while we purchased one for me and one for my husband. I didn’t really get the apps thing but I could see that it had internet access and I could take photos of my 2 favorite people. I was mostly interested in the camera and being able to send the photos via email to friends and family.

After a very short while, I understood apps and learned to navigate the internet. I joined online mom groups and sought out groups that were into nutrition and natural health. I discovered that I was mainly interested in food, nutrition and health. I made some online friends with other moms who thought like I did. I met moms who were very different and taught me a few new things. I discovered Facebook too. I had my 3rd child and enjoyed his infancy knowing I could have answers to almost any question about him at my finger tips. I wasn’t alone. I YouTube’d nursing videos. I learned about cloth diapering and did it.

I am now on my 3rd iPhone. My wallet and iPhone are attached so I always have my phone with me. I write notes to myself and read books on my phone. I have researched doctors, dentists, meal ideas, education ideas, planting schedules for our garden, ideas on how to get rid of garden pests without using pesticides. I learned about fermenting and now ferment all sorts of good foods. I write the articles that I post on this blog entirely on my iPhone. I have friends all over the world and we keep in touch regularly through email, Facebook and Instagram. I chat daily with my aunt and cousins through Google hangouts. I Skype with friends and family in different states.

But mostly, I connect. I connect with people who know about health and nutrition or who simply care about it. I am able to learn and grow every day. I am able to make better decisions for my family. So while we sit and lament about how stuck to their devices everyone is these days, I don’t mind. I have embraced this technology and have found a way to make it work in my life. It doesn’t take away time from me or my family. It has given me access to an entire world of information and human interaction that I would otherwise be longing for.

I still have time to be with my children, talk to other parents at pick up and drop off, enjoy nature and talk too much to my husband. This crunchy mom has found a place for mobile technology and hope I can always maintain a balance.

What is one way that mobile technology has had a positive impact on your life?