My Real Life

I wanted to post an article about my real life so everyone knows exactly who I am.  My world has kind of fallen apart in the past year, so keeping myself busy is what keeps my mind off all of the bad stuff.  Every single comment or message here and on Facebook really makes my day. Y’all are what inspire me to keep this going!!

This was our view at our home and my shadow not very long before #5 was born.

This was our view at our home and my shadow not very long before #5 was born.

My name is Charlise Grisham and I am a single mom of 5 boys.  I currently live with my mom and step-dad in their home.  It’s not the most ideal situation for my family, but it’s what we have to do right now.  Last year, about 6 weeks after my 5th son was born, my “husband” (we weren’t legally married) and high school sweetheart decided to walk out on us.  We were living about 2 hours away from family so I had pack up my entire HUGE home and life ALL BY MYSELF, put everything in storage and go stay with my family.  I had no money, no vehicle, NOTHING but my belongings and my children.  My youngest had just gotten released from the hospital (kidney problems) and I was completely overwhelmed and stressed. 

I left my tiny baby with a (then) complete stranger (now an amazing friend) so he could be nursed by her while I went to pack up my home and load it on to a truck.  I had only my step-dad to help, but it wasn’t much help.  I hurt so much that day.  I had to leave behind a lot and though it was just material stuff, it was MY stuff.

The past year has been full of drama, lies, heartbreak, depression and pain.  It’s also been full of love, friendship and happiness.  When I started blogging for the previous website, I felt like I had a new drive and purpose.  It all came crashing down but I didn’t let it stop me.  I got back up, brushed myself off and started over.  I started this website.  I started a lactation cookie business to help other mamas like myself needing a little bit of help with their supply.  I started dumpster diving and reselling things on eBay.  Others’ trash is my treasure.  I also sew.  These four venture keep me so busy, I never have time to think about what I’m missing.  I try to do it all and I occasionally fail or get behind.  I get caught up though and life moves on.  Nothing slows down for me, that’s for sure!

I’ve gained SO much over the past year.  I’ve gained a ton of amazing new friends.  I have more fun.  I do more things with my kids.  I don’t make a ton of money, but I can buy the things we need.  I get no help from the father of my children and it makes me so proud that I am doing it on my own, even if I’m not completely on my own and might not be for a while.  I’m having fun, meeting new people, doing new things.  Nothing will hold me back.

I’m not always the perfect crunchy mom.  I don’t always use cloth diapers.  I love Taco Bueno.  I can’t live without chocolate.  I do the best for my family though.  I teach my children to love, respect and share.  I’m telling you my story today not so you feel sympathy for me, but so everyone knows that there are always struggles within, even if you don’t see them.  I try to always put on a happy face, be the “perfect” mom, crunchy or otherwise and share only the best parts of my life.  Truth is, it’s not always perfect.  It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it.  This is my real life and I love it.

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I’m so glad you shared this with us. You are being so strong, and that is so amazing. I wish you and your family an abundance of happiness and blessings. Thank you for still blogging, and all the giveaways even in the midst of your troubles. You are truly appreciated. :)

Thank you Asha! Putting smiles on others’ faces really makes me happy! I love sharing everything that I share here. The people that it helps, the businesses that it helps, my heart that it helps! It makes all the bad junk seem to disappear! :)

You are pretty incredible! I’m sorry for the hard times but I see that you are great at making your own happiness and you have so much to be proud of.

Wow, thanks for sharing this! I’m sorry you’ve been through so much in the past year, but you should be very proud of how well you’re doing now.

I am so sorry to hear about what is going on in your life. You have had a tough year. I hope you and your children do well, and I hope your mom and stepdad continue to be supportive.