Not so crunchy in jail

As some of you may know, I am FINALLY home.  I was released from Hill County Jail on October 15th.  I know there was a bunch of you curious so I will say that I was arrested for burglary of a habitation but the case was completely closed the Monday after I was released.  This left me free and clear with no felonies on my record (thank goodness because I am NOT a burglar!) but it didn’t take away from the 3 months I lost.  

I was arrested at my home in front of all 5 of my children.  I had my youngest, Charlie, in the Boba on my back.  He was pulled off of me screaming and crying.  It was a very traumatizing experience for my children and it turned out to be all for nothing.  My 14 month old son who was regularly breastfeeding was abruptly weaned after his mama was just taken away from him one day.  The first time I saw my baby after I was released, he screamed like he had seen a ghost.  It was totally heartbreaking.

I was not able to pump milk while I was in jail.  I hand expressed milk as often as I could in hopes that Charlie would be able to get right back to nursing when I got home.  I did NOT expect to be doing that for 90 days.  After a while, I was losing the amount of milk and it was changing in taste and consistency.  I had bruises from all of the hand expressing I was doing.  After I got home I learned that abrupt weaning can cause the amount of sodium in your breast milk to rise, making it taste salty.  So here I am, back at home with a tiny bit of salty milk.  Charlie doesn’t know what to think about nursing now, but I am hoping with some hard work and patience I can either get our nursing relationship reestablished or at least be able to pump some (non-salty) milk for him.  I am lucky to have access to the products that can help me in this venture as well as the support of my Crunchy Family.

While I was in jail, I was unable to eat the healthy foods I normally eat in the free world.  I was unable to use the chemical free products I have become accustomed to using.  I didn’t have my essential oils to count on when I had a headache.  I took an aspirin for a headache and it knocked me out so cold that when I woke up, I didn’t know what day or time it was.  I was unable to go outside, get fresh air or spend time in the sun.  The upside to being away from all of my “normal” was that I discovered that I am lactose intolerant.  I had always suspected it, but I never had a major reason to do the elimination diet to prove it.  Getting majorly sick after I got home has led me onto a path of an even healthier diet than I was on before.  I also discovered how much allergens (smoke, strong scents, pollen) affect me.

Even though being in jail was a terrible experience since I was away from my children and lost so much time with them, I am ok with the big picture of it all.  It gave me a chance to connect with some people I otherwise never would have met.  I was able to share so many amazing things about my lifestyle with people who would have otherwise never known about them.  I changed some lives and mine was changed as well.  I will never again take for granted being able to snuggle with my baby, make a yummy dinner for my family or just sit outside and enjoy nature.  You think you will always have freedom, but it can be taken away from you so easily and so quickly even if you’ve done nothing wrong.  

Keep your eyes peeled for a couple fun “Crunchy Jail Crafts” coming up next week!  I did a pretty good job of keeping myself busy and entertained with some recycling/reusing items to create a little bit of happiness where our days were often depressing.  

photo credit: sakhorn38

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I am so sad for your experience. You are a blessing to see how you can always choose to find the silver lining in ANY situation! Glad you are home safe, hope to see you soon! Hugs!!