Our Summer 2018 Crafts

If you have been following us on Instagram, you have seen all of the fun things we have been doing this summer.  Our van is down, so we are limited on where we can go for a while so I decided to pick out a ton of fun crafts and snacks to do with the kids.  We have been doing about 2-3 crafts a week along with a crafty snack, which is the most fun.

Fingerprint Dandelions

Paint spots on a styrofoam plate

Last week, we started off with making fingerprint dandelions.  This craft comes from Glued To My Crafts and it was a super cute project.  There is a printable to make it super easy which I am all about, but you could also draw your own with a permanent marker if you don’t have access to a printer.  We used acrylic paint to do our finger prints which washes off easily and is only $.50 a bottle at Wal-Mart.  I helped Solara do hers so it was her very first art project ever!  This is a quick craft, so you could easily pair it with your craft snack.

Caucasion boy fingerpainting a dandelion

Printed dandelion sheet covered in fingerprinted paint

Lava Lamp in a Cup

The next day, we did what I like to call “Lava Lamp in a Cup”.  The oil and water experiment comes from Growing A Jeweled wRose.  We used vegetable oil because it is cheap and what I had on hand, however, I would totally use baby oil next time because I think a clear oil would give a much more aesthetically pleasing result.  This was still REALLY fun and kept the kids busy for a long time.  We dumped the cups outside when we were finished because my mama always told me not to dump oil down the drain.  She would be proud.

Caucasion child dropping oil into cup of water

Blue shirt making cup of oil and water look blue

Beach snack craft

Our crafty snack was the favorite of the week because, well, you can eat it.  My kids LOVE food, so they were super excited about this.  Not to mention, it’s really freaking adorable.  We got this idea from The 11 Best.  We ended up having seconds because it was so yummy.  The frosting on the graham crackers reminded me of Dunkaroos from my childhood.  Y’all remember those, right?  I dyed some vanilla frosting with a little blue food coloring gel.  I find that the gel mixes better than the drops.  I also pre-crushed the graham crackers in a Ziploc then put them in a bowl for the kids.  They really enjoy building their own snack!

Five caucasion boys sitting at a table

Beach graham cracker craft snack

Graham cracker decorated to resemble beach

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