PSA on Giveaway Prizes: Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Crunchy Family is a pretty big blog, especially since there are so many giveaways. Charlise runs/handles the giveaways, for the most part — but she’s also new.

I’ve been blogging consecutively for over five years — I’m considered a “blog veteran”. Giveaways have changed a lot in the time I’ve regularly been around. Used to, us bloggers had to provide prizes straight from our own pockets. Whilst it wasn’t always financially compatible, I like to think it was still easier than what we have nowadays: giveaway sponsors.

Whether you’re hosting a sponsored giveaway or hosting/participating in a group giveaway, you’re bound to hit snags — or, you know, people who don’t stick to their word.

Bloggers are messengers. We get the word out. Oftentimes, we’ll host and participate in giveaways with other people, and we trust these people to keep up their end of the bargain, but things don’t always work out. We get screwed over. We have to weave through entries from trolls/spammers who create multiple identities to increase their chances of winning. We have to work with the complexities that go hand in hand with working with brands/companies and providing content to our readers.

Our readers are amazing, and we work really, really hard to be able to provide amazing content to them — to you.

It would be cool if we could be as promising as Ellen DeGeneres, but sadly, we can’t. Maybe if we had our own television series, some sponsors would take us more seriously and make an effort to not disappoint us the way that some do.

It’s inevitable, really, unless we choose to house and deliver all the packages ourselves — but that gets expensive, and it would get very crowded, and it would take up more time than we can handle.


I get it. You’re busy.

You’re in demand. So am I.

Here’s the gist:

  1. We are not the company. All we are is the messengers. To contact the actual company, you need to visit their website/social media and hit ’em up there with your comments and concerns. Very rarely do they read comments we receive. It would be nice it more companies read comments on the blog posts featuring them, but they don’t.
  2. Giveaways are a chance to win. Winning does not guarantee a prize. Because we don’t compensate for the prizes ourselves, nor do we actually work for the companies who sponsor our giveaways, we do not have the ability to promise anything. Sometimes, we get shut out by companies completely, including reputable ones, and there isn’t anything we can do. We can give you the email address of the companies’ representatives that we are in touch with after we have tried our hardest to get in touch with them, as per the advice of other bloggers who have endured similar experiences, but otherwise, it’s out of our hands.
  3. If, because you don’t get sent a prize, you threaten us or call us names, we will add you to our block list. In other words, if you insult/threaten/harass us, you will never win one of our giveaways again. If you threaten us and we feel the need to, we will report it to our local police — and possibly yours as well.

Any questions/comments? I promise not to bite only if you don’t bite us first. 😉