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Other than receiving a free sample of this product to review from Adorable Amber, I was not paid for any of the opinions or reviews expressed in this blog. Only products that score a 3+ on a 1-5 scale make it onto our website.


We are in love with our amber necklaces!  Not only are the absolutely adorable, but they keep my toddler’s teething pain to a minimum.  I remember my older children (who never wore amber) would be just completely miserable little people all day, every day when they had teeth coming through.  With my boys that have worn amber, their teeth coming in is really only bothersome in the evening when they are also sleepy.  


Tiffanie of Adorable Amber sent me the most gorgeous raw rainbow amber necklace.  I am such a huge fan of the raw amber because it is untreated and therefore contains more succinic acid.  Not to mention it is SO pretty!!  

If you are worried about the necklace being a choking hazard, Tiffanie carries some amber necklaces with really neat safety release pull apart clasps.  Amber necklaces are generally made to break at the clasp, but this means you have to buy a new one or repair/restring them.  The pull apart clasps pop right back closed if pulled apart so you don’t have to buy a new one.  The amber jewelry is knotted between each bead so if you ever have a necklace break, the beads won’t all come flying off, presenting a choking hazard. 

The jewelry at Adorable Amber is tested with various amber testing methods.  We will be posting some great amber testing videos on our youtube channel very soon!  It’s important to buy your amber jewelry from a reliable source as there are a lot of fakes out there.  It can be hard to tell the difference between authentic Baltic amber and plastic by the naked eye.


Baltic amber isn’t JUST for teething babies.  It’s also good for adults.  I wear an amber necklace and it keeps my neck cramps at bay.  I also wear a bracelet that helps with my wrist pain from sewing and typing.

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If you’d like to enter to win an amber necklace*, follow the steps on the widget below!  View our complete giveaway rules.  Winner will be selected and posted on our Facebook page next Wednesday, February 12th!

*The giveaway winner will be able to choose from a 13-inch raw honey necklace or an 11-inch polished honey necklace!  


Other than receiving a free sample of this product to review from Adorable Amber, I was not paid for any of the opinions or reviews expressed in this blog. Only products that score a 3+ on a 1-5 scale make it onto our website.

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I don’t use anything for pain except a teether. I have several Combi ones!

For teething pain we mostly use teethers, frozen washcloths, or breast milk popsicles. If he seems to be more in more pain we use Hyland’s teething tablets. They seem to always help. Love those things!

We have a amber necklace and it is amazing!!! It’s getting small on my toddler.

I am so fortunate that my baby hasn’t had any teething problems. She doesn’t even drool! Other than buying a few teething necklaces that I use to distract her from twiddling we haven’t had to do anything special.

We use teething tablets. One day we had to use Tylenol because nothing was helping. I can’t wait to try the amber!

I rub whatever otc medicine the pediatrician recommends. I also let them chew on a hard toy after washing it.

teethers, cold cloths. The amber necklace sounds interesting.

I would like to win this for my grand daughter! My daughter swears by these!

Love the necklace, also I see you shop at thrift stores—I volunteer 2 times a week at one which is associated with our local hospital. You can get some great buys at thrift stores.

I also love thrift stores! !!! I am excited to try this amber necklace not just for my son who is cutting those horribly painful molars but also for my neckpain !!!

we use Tylenol only when needed, and a cool wash cloth for him to chew on.

We have a teether that we can put in the freezer first. Sweetie-pie seems to like it.

Thanks for a great giveaway!

When my kids were little and teething we used regular teethers and teething biscuits. I have two daughters who are pregnant right now, so we’ll be going through this soon and would love to try an amber necklace!


I love the idea of teething jewelry! Practical and fashionable- it’s a double whammy!

We use teething toys for teething pain. there are so many options available on the market now. It seems like amber necklaces are quite popular.. .

We use a soother that has been put into the fridge, but it doesn’t seem to always work. Would love to try the amber necklace! (plus, it would look so sweet on our little Fiona!)

Cold washcloth and teethers. We did have a hazelwood necklace for my now 3 year old that I think helped.

I’ve never tried hazelwood before!

I could have sent you one. Adorable Amber also sells hazelwood too ;) they are awesome for so many uses.

Hahaha! I didn’t even think about it! I’m thinking we’ll have to do Adorable Amber: Part 2! :)

frozen waffles and hylands teething tablets

This is my first baby and she is 6 months old right now she has just been using teething rings but I can tell it hurts her! Breaks my heart!

I’ve always used a teething ring that you could stick in the refrigerator.

we had an amber teething neclace but a few beads broke off so I tossed it, now i have drooly toddler help! frozen teething rings just are not cutting it!

I freeze pacifiers instead of regular teethers. This way they don’t have to hold them. I’ve used the baby Ambisol products, but they don’t seem to work.

My 6 month old still hasn’t cut her first tooth. Pretty much everything goes in her mouth these days. I offer her pacifiers, teethers, taggies books, wooden teethers, and sippy cups. Nursing seems to be her best relief though.

I use a teething ring for my nephew. Thanks for the giveaway!

We used to use teething rings. We also used orajel as sometimes that’s the only thing that would work.

For my children I have used orajel in the past that I bought from my local CVS. There are some other “old world” ways to do it such as rubbing brandy on the gums but I have never tired that one personally.

I usually use a teething ring that I keep in the freezer. I have also used Orajel.

I’d love to win this for my 5 month old, I’m pretty sure she’s teething right now. We usually give her a frozen waffle to chew on, but it doesn’t last long, she doesn’t like the coldness of it.

We used wet towels that were then frozen for them to naw upon, pacifiers, or, for the worst teething pain, anbesol…

When mine were little I usually used orajel. It seemed to work very well

We have a teething ring. I sometimes put it in the refrigerator. The coldness tends to help too.

I am entering this for my 3 month old nephews, I am not sure what they are using for pain.