Review: Glass Dharma Straws with Giveaway

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I am being compensated for my time put into writing up this review and for thoroughly reviewing this product from Glass Dharma.  The compensation, which may be free products or cash/PayPal, does not alter or influence any of the opinions expressed in this blog. 


I love straws.  I really dislike drinking ANYTHING without one.  I also find that I drink MORE water when I am using a straw.  There are several problems with traditional straws…

  • They are plastic and full of gross chemicals you don’t want to be sucking on.
  • You usually toss them into the trash after one use.
  • They are really hard to get clean if you DO reuse them.
  • Sometimes they get holes if you open them quickly.

So what is the solution??  GLASS DHARMA STRAWS!!  The Original Glass Straw is made from borosilicate glass tubing which is the strongest glasses available on the commercial market.  They are very sturdy and even have a lifetime guarantee against breakage!!  Isn’t that amazing?  That is how confident Glass Dharma is about the strength of the product and they really are strong!  My toddler will often grab a hold of my glass and clank the straw around.  It always gets my attention so I grab is from him, but I have not have one break or even chip.

Glass Dharma sent me a handful of straws to try out and so far, I have a couple favorites.  My number one favorite is the decorative dots straw.  You can have a different color for each member of the family, but what it really cool is that the glass dots keep your straw from rolling off of a flat surface.  I usually lay my straws on the counter after they run through the dishwasher and it’s nice to not have to worry about which direction that one faces!


I also really love the beautiful bends straw.  It is longer than a traditional straw and has a slight angle so it can better reach your lips.  I love the cool touch of the straw when I am drinking a cold drink.  It makes every beverage taste more crisp and clean!  I like how most of the styles of straws have a “smoothie size” which has a wider opening for thicker drinks.  I love to make smoothies so these make it less of a struggle to drink them.

These straws are so easy to clean and store.  Glass Dharma sells an excellent straw brush separately that will help you get all of your straws sparkly clean.  I would recommend that you buy two straw brushes because you don’t want to get stuck without one!  They are made of stainless steel and will never rust like most other straw brushes!  Don’t forget to get the correct size straw brush for the straw that you have!  

What style straw is your favorite??

If you’d like to enter to win a $25 gift certificate for Glass Dharma, follow the steps on the widget below!  View our complete giveaway rules.  Winner will be selected and posted on our Facebook page next Tuesday, March 10th!


I am being compensated for my time put into writing up this review and for thoroughly reviewing this product from Glass Dharma.  The compensation, which may be free products or cash/PayPal, does not alter or influence any of the opinions expressed in this blog. 

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I really like the ones with the dots, because with my luck, it’d wind up rolling off the counter. D; I would have to be really careful with mine, though. I like that these are glass, rather than the fast food-style plastic ones, because I’d feel safer washing and reusing glass straws than the cheap plastic ones that can be bought at the store… I have a plastic cup with a matching straw, but it’s just me that uses it, and it’s just water? I don’t know if I’m making any sense. >.<

My favourite style straw would have to be the dots straw. The no roll idea is great as I have terrible luck with mine rolling off the table and then I end up using a new one, (plastic) I go through so many straws and I never feel like the plastic gets cleaned easy and leaves a funky smell if you leave them wet for too long.

I love the bend straws! I have metal straws not but I would prefer glass. I did not know there was a company out there making these so thanks for the review and the exposure for this great product.

What a great idea! I really like the decorative dots, Ice Tea straws. The smoothie one would come in handy though too.

I love glass dharma straws! I think the beautiful bends one would be the straws I’d like to try the most! Thanks for a great giveaway!

I love the dot straws…altho I don’t own one. I need the smoothy ones as I make veggie/fruit smoothies daily. I do have 1 glass straw but it’s kindof short and doesn’t fit well in my nutri ninja cup (it falls in). When we go out to dinner and I’m given a regular plastic straw…I don’t use it. Can’t stand the feel of it.

The decorative dots are cute!

My favorite straws would probably be the beautiful bent straws. I love how they are bent just at the perfect angle.

I really like the beautiful bends straws. I think they would be a great small detail for drinks at our wedding.

I am a big drinker of homemade smoothies so I would love to try the smoothy wide straws. I also have a major distaste for plastic so any of the others would be great I love polka dots and red and purple and bendy straws are a must too I guess I need to try them all.

I like the Iced Tea simple elegance. I would like a glass straw instead of buying plastic ones all the time.

I really like the glass Dharma straws. I didn’t know straws could be so classy.

My favorite are the dot straws. There is just something so pretty and so much fun about them. They are so unique.

I think the decorative dot glass straws are super cute. I love that these straws are both beautiful and good for the environment!

i like the sustainable coffee straws -in 3 lengths, for my iced lattes! and i also like the beautiful bends straws!

I absolutely love the BUBBLE TEA decorative straws. If i got to choose from all of those straws, this would most likely be the ones that i want ;)