Review: LEAF + ROOT Herbal Skin Remedy with Giveaway

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Other than receiving a free sample of this product to review from LEAF + ROOT, I was not paid for any of the opinions or reviews expressed in this blog. Only products that score a 4+ on a 1-5 scale make it onto our website.

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I love when I find yummy new salves and creams to use on all of the booboos in my household.  Believe me, we have a bunch!  If you follow my personal facebook or instagram, you know all about them!  Since Charlie is teething, he’s been getting some nasty booty rashes lately and I cut my foot something fierce!  It’s so fun to try new things and see what works on which booboos.  I got a jar of the Herbal Skin Remedy from LEAF + ROOT and I am totally in love with the SMELL!!  Ok, not just the smell, but this stuff is yummy!

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I was most interested in the Herbal Skin Remedy because my oldest son has Keratosis Pilaris so I have been trying to find something to lessen the bumps and smooth out his skin.  He’s been letting me put in on his arms, which is a big deal itself because this kid hates having any lotion, cream, salve, oil or scent on him.  The smell is AMAZING like a spearmint tea!  YUM!  It’s not completely gotten rid of his bumps, but it has lessened them quite a bit.  

What really impressed me was how well it worked with a diaper rash.  Charlie got yet another rash and I decided to put some of the Herbal Skin Remedy on his little red booty just before bed.  At his morning diaper change, his rash was COMPLETELY gone!!  I was totally stunned!  It’s also like another rash salve I recently reviewed in that it doesn’t hurt him when I apply it.  He actually laughs instead of crying out in pain which is very important!

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I also have been using the Herbal Skin Remedy on my tattoo now that it is healed to keep it moisturized and looking fresh!  I love to use it as hand lotion when I use it for anything else just because I think it smells so wonderful!  LEAF + ROOT creates their salve in small batches using locally sourced beeswax, oils and herbs (some organic!).  The special mixture in the salve is designed to soothe skin while speeding up cell reproduction to help you heal faster!  It also provides antiviral and antibacterial properties so you can toss that yucky, chemical filled Neosporin out with the trash!

 If you’d like to enter to win your own jar of Herbal Skin Remedy, follow the steps on the widget below!  View our complete giveaway rules.  Winner will be selected and posted on our Facebook page next Friday, February 6th!


Other than receiving a free sample of this product to review from LEAF + ROOT, I was not paid for any of the opinions or reviews expressed in this blog. Only products that score a 4+ on a 1-5 scale make it onto our website.

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I think I would use it the most on my nasty cracked heels. This time of year makes them worse. I’ll probably use some on my tiny one, if her bum gets sore.

I also have Keratosis Pilaris and have tried numerous things to tame it down.It is often irritating and itchy especially at night for some reason.I only got this within the last couple of years.I would love to win this Leaf Root Herbal Skin Remedy to see if it helps me to soothe it.Thank you for this chance. :)

I’d use it for the inevitable booboos that seemingly occur on a weekly basis. Thanks for the giveaway!

i would use for my very dry skin. i hope this will have a longer lasting effect.

I would use this for my dry skin in the winter, my hands get so cracked and dry from the cold.

We would use it eczema. Both my husband and our son have it.

I would use it on my dry skin around my nose

I have a tattoo on my foot, I’d use it on that.. great idea.

My skin is ridiculously dry this winter, so I would slather it all over my arms, legs and feet!

I would use this most for all over skin care during the winter. It will help my dry skin.

L’hiver ma peau devient très sèche et craquelée, je croit que je l’emploierait surtout sur mes mains. Mes talons eux sont secs à l’année, je les traiterait aux petits soins avec cette crème.

I have eczema out breaks continually don’t want to use steroids
would sure like to try this product

I would probably use it most on my feet and hands.

I have mild psoriasis so I would use this on my dry patches

I would use it on my feet most because they get very dry, cracked, and calloused!

Winter weather wreaks havoc on my hands and feet. Dry and cracked skin and cuticles are so painful! Herbal Skin Remedy would be so soothing…

My husband and I are both diabetic, and we get really dry feet. So bad that the skin peels off and sometimes leaves wounds. I’d love to see if this will help with the healing. :)

I would use it for irritations, cuts, and scrapes. My hubby has eczema so he would use it too.

I would use Herbal Skin Remedy on my feet! With the cold temperatures and outside activity my feet need some care.

I would use it for my dry skin. The winter is so harsh on my hands and feet, especially this time of year.