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Other than receiving a free visit to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center, I was not paid for any of the opinions or reviews expressed in this blog. Only locations that score a 4+ on a 1-5 scale make it onto our website.

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Today is my second oldest son’s birthday.  Remy is 8 today and he was SO excited that we got to go to LEGOLAND yesterday.  It was MY first time visiting, but the older boys have been a couple of times.  I didn’t know what to expect since it is inside Grapevine Mills mall, but I was pleasantly surprised.  

As soon as you first walk in, you wait for the tour of the “Lego” factory.  There are Legos to play with while you wait, as well as the coolest Lego bike to hop on for a picture.  My oldest child did his best Lego Man impression!

Once you enter the factory, you’ll see lots of tubes and wheels.  The kids got to help make the machine work to “make” the Legos!  It was really cute!

There were three rides at LEGOLAND.  The first one was a “Save the Princess” ride where you ride around in a little car and shoot all of the bad guys.  I have to say, I was pretty good at shooting all of the creepy crawlies!

After the first ride, we went into the main part of the center.  THIS is what I envisioned as LEGOLAND.  There were Legos EVERYWHERE.  There were amazing displays, a huge playscape, a movie theater, more rides, Legos of all sizes and more!  My boys could hardly decide what to do first!  Charlie climbed onto the awesome Lego motorcycle!

The big boys headed for the playscape where there were stairs, slides and HUGE Lego bricks!

I headed for the holiday Lego building area that was set up with a tree and some gingerbread houses.  They were SO cute and I loved making them look good enough to eat!

My oldest son’s favorite part was the build and race area.  You could build an awesome Lego car and race it down one of three different ramps.  My only complaint is that they were having so much fun, I couldn’t get a non-blurry shot of them!

One of the coolest parts of LEGOLAND is the amazing display of the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex.  It’s so detailed I can only imagine how long it took to create!  Check out The Old Red Museum in Legos…

My favorite was the Texas Star ferris wheel that is at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas.  You can also see the Reunion Tower which is a major part of the Dallas skyline.

The Granada Theater…

Even the American Airlines Center where tons of concerts are held!

There was another great ride called the Forest Ranger Pursuit.  You got to ride around in little Lego cop cars!  This was a major bummer for my 3 year old, Chevy, because he was not old enough to ride.  Thankfully, there was another 3 year old that was denied ride entry, so they were able to play together while the bigger kids were on the ride.  Haha!

While there were things for children of all ages to do, I would most recommend LEGOLAND for kids ages 4-12.  My three year old was a little disappointed to not get to ride the one ride and it was pretty crowded to just let Charlie (18 months old) down to play.  He enjoyed playing with the SUPER AWESOME giant Legos and Lego Duplos, but he really wanted to run and get in the middle of all of the “big boy” stuff.  

I wish the little movie that was shown was a little longer.  It was a 4D movie and pretty cute, but it seemed a little short.  I believe it was about 15 minutes long and I think 20-30 minutes might be a little better.  We ate while we were there, enjoying some nachos, drinks and cupcakes.  There was also free cookies and milk and we got to say “Hi!” to Lego Santa!  Overall, my boys had a BLAST!  They were whining when we had to leave and begging to come back again.  If your little one is in love with Legos, go check out LEGOLAND!  

Thank you to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center for welcoming us and giving us a wonderful day with our crunchy family!  

P.S.  You should TOTALLY sell those giant bricks.  Just saying…  

Other than receiving a free visit to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center, I was not paid for any of the opinions or reviews expressed in this blog. Only locations that score a 4+ on a 1-5 scale make it onto our website.

Photo Credit: LEGOLAND (logo)

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