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Other than receiving a free sample of this product to review from MamaSuds, I was not paid for any of the opinions or reviews expressed in this blog. Only products that score a 4+ on a 1-5 scale make it onto our website.


Raise your hand if you like to clean the toilet…  (crickets chirping)  What??  You mean you don’t like scrubbing that nasty, filth infested bowl on which you sit daily?  Do you have one of those funky, chemical sprays that turns to foam and magically eats away at the grime and burns your eyes at the same time?  Yep, that’s what I used to use, but it didn’t work very well.  I ended up scrubbing just as hard as I would without the magical foam.


Michelle of MamaSuds sent me the most wonderful gift of some toilet bombs.  Not only does my toilet now get cleaned without the eye-burning chemicals, but my eight year old son LOVES to clean the toilet now.  It’s true!!  Kids love weird things.  Ask them to clean the toilet and you’re met with groans and “Whyyyyyyyy dooooo IIIIIII have to”‘s.  Well, you guys are the nasty ones, not me.  That’s why.  However, add in a fizzy tablet and it’s like an instant activity!

It’s so easy, even an eight year old boy can do it!  All I do is give him a fizzy toilet bomb and the toilet brush and he’s happier than a kid on Christmas.  It’s quite mind-boggling.  He just plunks the bomb into the bowl and watches it fizzle and dissolve.  It’s made with essential oils that aid in disinfecting the bowl as well as getting rid of stinky smells.  Once it is done fizzing, my kiddo can scrub away the gunk and flush it down.  So easy and FUN!  It really cracks me up when he asks me if he needs to clean the toilet with a starry-eyed look as if he’s about to meet his favorite celebrity.  Never again will this be my job.  THANK YOU, MICHELLE!!

Another great use for the toilet bombs is where my youngest son’s “toilet” is.  The cloth diaper wet bag!  Just throw one of those bad boys in and it keeps your bag from stinking like a sewer rat!  It can go right in with the wash to do double duty as a pail freshener and to help get your diapers extra clean.

MamaSuds carries a ton of great products for all your cleaning, bath and body needs so go check out her website!  If you don’t want to wait for our giveaway to end, you can get a free pack of toilet bombs with any purchase by submitting your name and email address on the pop-up screen over at MamaSuds!  

If you’d like to enter to win a pack of toilet bombs, follow the steps on the widget below!  View our complete giveaway rules.  Winner will be selected and posted on our Facebook page next Monday, February 9th!


Other than receiving a free sample of this product to review from MamaSuds, I was not paid for any of the opinions or reviews expressed in this blog. Only products that score a 4+ on a 1-5 scale make it onto our website.

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I clean all the toilets in my house. I usually use Lysol toilet cleaner and a scrub brush.

I usually clean the toilet so these would be nice to have! It always nice to try out new things.

Forgot to mention that I usually use a scrub brush and clorox toilet bowl cleaner.

I really hate cleaning toilets! I usually use the lysol tb cleaner! I want those nasty things cleAn! I would love to try this product! It sounds amazing!

My poor husband usually does it and he uses bleach.

I always clean it. I would faint if anybody else did! I use Comet and a toilet brush.

I am the “lucky” toilet bowl cleaner. Considering we have two young boys…it is a nightmare!

I clean the toilets! I use a scrub brush and natural bowl cleaner.

Until just a few weeks ago I was the only one who ever cleaned it, now hubby helps some. We us that awful form stuff, which I do not like.

I am the one who cleans the toilets. I use various toilet bowl cleaners.

looks like a wonderful product we would like to try

I usually clean the toilet in our house. I use The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

I clean the toilet! And I generally use white vinegar and baking soda, with a few drops of tea tree oil in the bowl after I scrub and flush.

Out of myself and three young teens in my house I am the one that always cleans the toilet! They are all allergic to the job!

my wife does and she normally just uses that blue stuff and a toilet brush. thanks for the giveaway.

I clean the bathroom. I use Comet and toilet brush to clean the toilet.

I usually clean the bathroom and use comet or some other type of product with bleach.

I clean the bathroom, lol I can’t imagine my husband helping with that at all. I use toilet cleaner, whatever is on sale.

I clean everything in the house, but especially the toilets! I use GV disinfecting bathroom cleaner, but I worry about the chemicals in it. I also worry about the amount of germs in the bathroom though!

We hire gals from Senior Services to do some of our house cleanng. They use wharever the can get their hands on to clean the toliets..

I am the one that cleans the toilets at home. I use clorox toilet bowl cleaner.

I am the one who always ends up cleaning the toilets. I use Scrubbing Bubbles.

Usually in our house it is our son who is 12 or my husband who cleans the toilet. We use a bit of a natural toilet cleaner we have. We used to use lysol or would also have those pucks in the back of the toilet. All products that we stopped using due to our allergies and wanting to avoid using chemicals.

I am looking forward to not having toxic fumes in my face. The bombs are even more pleasant looking.

I clean the toilets in my house (lucky me!). I use a couple different bleach products on mine and then I can’t breath for the rest of the day!

Unfortunately I am the one who gets to clean the toilets. I use Lysol cling gel.

I do a lot of the cleaning, but not all of it. We try to rotate. We also switch product a lot. I like Green works, and the apple scented lysol. Worst is th scrubbing bubbles, it smells like urine, so it just adds to the bathroom smell……

I’m the toilet cleaner in my house — I use “The Works” cleaner and a scrub brush.

My fiance and my son clean the toilet. We use scrubbing bubbles for the bathroom.

Thank You for the giveaway… I usually clean the toilets, use a splash of bleach & a toilet brush.