Review: Neilmed Naspira Nasal-Oral Aspirator

I received from product via MomsMeet in exchange for my honest opinion.

naspira 2

Let’s see a show of hands…  Who loves to suck out their baby’s snot?  Me??  HECK YES I DO.  Ok, no.  I don’t really, but sometimes it is a necessary evil.  When kids get sick, they get stuffy noses.  When kids get stuffy noses, they get cranky.  They can’t breathe.  No one is happy. 

Have you ever tried one of those big blue or green bulb suckers?  You have to shove that giant tip into your baby’s tiny nostril and try not to suck their brain out in the process.  I have never been able to achieve such a task without wailing and flailing. 

The Neilmed Naspira is a new-fangled nose sucker.  It has the features and functions of the regular type of bulb sucker that you know and may or may not love as well as the option to be a Nasal-Oral suction device.  I know.  It sounds gross.  Believe me, the first few times I try these type of things, I always dry heave a bit, but they are SO effective.  They are actually quite amusing once you get the hang of it.

Once your baby knows you are not pinning them down for a torturous nose-sucking ritual, they will learn to enjoy the satisfaction of having the gunk removed from their tiny little button nose.  Fear not, parents.  The Naspira comes with filters to keep the gross stuff from entering your mouth.  There is also a one-way valve to protect your little one from getting an accidental air intake that could push the mucus down further.

My toddler actually thought this product was amusing.  He tries to use it on himself and it does take some coaxing and bribery for him to let ME use it on him properly.  This is a far cry from the typical bulb sucker though.  He hates those.  The best part about the Naspira is that is has a lifetime guarantee.  You will be able to suck baby’s noses for life.  And that is pretty cool. 


I love that the packaging is clear so you can see the device in the store before you buy it.  It’s pretty fun looking, to be honest.  It’s actually easy to clean and you can even put the parts in your dishwasher to get all of the yucky germs off of it.  WIN.