Review: Spectra S1 Breast Pump + Giveaway

Spectra S1

I have been pumping since four days post-partum to give Laken the most precious gift of breast milk.  At first, I was using the Ameda Purely Yours pump that I had.  It was working, but I was having a hard time with sore nipples and I was getting clogs.  I had heard in some of my surrogacy and exclusively pumping Facebook groups that the Spectra line of pumps were REALLY good. 

I got in touch with Brianne at Spectra Baby USA and she hooked me up with the Spectra S1.  I immediately fell in love with this pump.  There are so many wonderful features that this pump has.  Let me tell you about all of the pros.

  • My most favorite feature is that is doesn’t make me feeling like something is ripping my nipples off.  It is a lot more gentle than my other pump.
  • The S1 is very quiet.  This is important when I am pumping in the middle of the night or in the early morning when I don’t want a loud noise waking up my children.  Since we all live and sleep in close proximity, this was always a fear of mine with my Ameda. 
  • There are multiple settings along with a massage/let-down feature which is 70 suck cycles per minute with a range of 1 to 5 for the vacuum.  The settings range from 38 to 54 suck cycles per minute with vacuum settings of 1 to 12.  I use mine on 42 cycles and 10 to 12 vacuum after I have had it on the massage feature for a few minutes.  Then I switch back and forth with some short breaks in between to help increase my milk.  The pump remembers the setting so make sure you turn it down or be prepared for your setting when you turn it on!
  • There is a 2 setting night light which is super handy for middle of the night pumping.  I don’t have to turn on a light to make sure I am hooked up properly.
  • The pump also has a timer so you know how long you have been pumping.  It automatically shuts off after thirty minutes.  This is especially helpful if you fall asleep or your toddler turns on your pump.
  • A really cool feature that I love is that the pump has a rechargeable battery.  When fully charged, the pump will give you about three hours of pump time.  That means I can charge at night and when I go out during the day for errands, I can take my pump and not have to worry about needing a plug.  I can get in three pump sessions easily using the battery and the suction is just as good as when it’s plugged in.

The only thing I have had trouble with is the small flanges that the pump comes with (you can order larger ones) and the fact that I have accidentally pulled out the tubing many times.  It comes off of the backflow protector fairly easily, so I have to be careful with the tubing.  I wish the tubing were a LITTLE bit longer.

Spectra Flange Set

Overall, the S1 is AMAZING.  It has replaced my Ameda and has helped me to increase my milk a lot faster.  It’s definitely the pump you want if you will be pumping often or exclusively pumping.

Spectra Baby USA has been super generous In providing an S1 Breastpump for me to give away to a lucky winner!  If you’d like to enter to win, follow the steps on the widget below!  View our complete giveaway rules before entering!!  Winner will be contacted via email!


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I’ve been pumping for almost 3 months now using a Medela Pump in Style. It is making my nipples so sore. I heard how great the Spectra is and would love to be able to give it a try.

I am currently using the Medela PISA. I pumped and BF my sweet girl for the first month. We had issues with weight gain so we had to switch to formula. We now have found out that she has a milk allergy and isn’t handling the special formula very well. Our next step is even more expensive prescription level formula. Instread, we have now begun the relactation journey in hopes to build my supply back up to eventually give her breast milk (I’ll be eliminating dairy). This is the beast option that both my pediatrician and I have come up with. I would love to try the spectra pump. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about it and how much it’s helped moms. I would love to win this pump!

I am currently using a spectra s2 and love it but wam very interested in the portability of the so. The rechargeable battery is and feature I would like to try. I and also interested in the spectra 9.

I started with Medela. I’m currently pumping with the s2 and love it! Doubled my output in less time. Would love to win this S1 since we are always on the go! Also I’d be able to pump to and from work :) thanks for the opportunity!

I have not pumped as much as I would like to. I am using the Evenflo handheld pump. It is really hard to use because you must hold it while pumping. It also really hurts my nipples. Has not been a fun experience, but I have not been able to afford a new pump!

I am currently pumping. Using the same pump from my first baby, a medela. Would love to try this pump to see if it helps increase supply.

Yes, I am currently pumping. My baby is 9 months old and I use a medela pump in style. I’ve been looking at Spectra pumps for awhile now and really want one!

Love this review. I would love to try this pump :)

I am currently pumping. I use a Medela pump.

My grand daughter Cassie needs this. She is taking treatments for lupus & will have baby Luke c-section early. She’ll need to pump for awhile & is under stress due to health problems. It is her frist baby. Please help her with this gift.

Evenflo would be what I needed when I’m out of the house, but it doesn’t have the same power with the batteries and I am never able to fully empty each breast. My Medela is very loud and I don’t feel it pulls empties my breast in a quick enough time. I have about 15 minutes to try to pump as much as I can and get back to my critical patients. The amenda has been the best so far but I still struggle with a lot of issues from it.

I wish I would have gotten the Spectra instead of any of these.

I currently use a medela PISA. I have issues with the output despite changing the various parts and cleaning it. I would love to try the Spectra since I always hear great things!

I currently use an Medela Pump in Style Advanced that I got with my first child 8 years ago! I would love to try a Spectra pump!

I use a medela pump that I got through my insurance because we couldn’t afford to buy one. It’s not the best, but I get by. I would love to try a spectra! I’ve heard so much good about them!

I currently use the Medela Symphony which I rent on a monthly basis. I have a medela PISA but haven’t used it yet because I’ve grown so attached to the hospital grade pump.

I have the Ameda purely yours pump, too. I hardly pump because of the same issues you listed with it! Cause, oww!!

I am currently using the Medela Pump In Style Advance. My little guy is my first child and just turned 8 months old! I’ve been back to work full time since he was 6 weeks old and pump 3 times a day while at work. My pump takes me FOREVER to empty, even after having my flanges sized. I pump for 30 minutes then have to use a manual pump and then hand express to fully empty! It’s a huge pain and time suck!!

I currently pump with the spectra s2. I made the switch thanks to a group on facebook. Best decision ever. I wish I would have gotten the s1 so I could pump on the go a littie easier bUT overall I love my pump. My son doesn’t latch and the pump and I have become close friends. With so many settings and how quiet this pump is I feel like I can pump anytime of the day and adjust to my body more easily.

I’m pregnant and not pumping yet…but I had an Ameda Purely Yours and I didn’t love it. My sister loved her Spectra S2 so much that I bought her a 2nd one to use at work :)

This pump sounds awesome. My niece referred me to it since she is pumping now and is in need of a new pump. I hope I can win or buy one for her soon.

I am not pumping. I would like to win this for my little sister who was due on the 28th.

I currently use the Medela PISA and have heard great things about the Spectra pump.

I’m currently EP-ing for my son and in renting a Medela Symphony!

No, I am not pumping. But my daughter is considering it.

I’m not currently pumping. We just found out we’re expecting our second, though, so it looks like it will be in my near future! :)

I have a single manual medela harmony. Would love something better but grateful this works.

I have a sister in law that does this but have no idea what she uses

My wife used an evenflo pump.

Not yet, but baby girl is due the last week of April and I’m really wanting to try it out. I was told at my last u/s that the amniotic fluid is a bit low, so they are watching me closely, she may be coming out sooner than expected. I’d love to win this, my other girls were straight formula fed and with this being my last baby (this one was a surprise, haha) I’d like to try to breastfeed and pump.

i am not currently pumping but will be very soon. pumping works great!

I am entering this in hopes to win for my nephews wife.
They are expecting their second child soon,

I have a Medela PISA currently that was given to me second hand. I would love to have a better pump before number 2 so I can retire the other one.

I’ve been pumping with a Medela Pump in Style :D

Not, yet. The baby is due later this month so I’ll be pumping before I know it! I’m so excited for his arrival!