How to ensure your child’s safety to and from dances

We were compensated for this post. With school starting up again here in Dallas, it’s only a matter of time before the dances start up, too. Renting a limo/party bus means you don’t have to worry about your kids texting while driving—or just not paying attention—on the way to their school dances. I hope you guys enjoy this—it’s a short post, quick to the point. :) ~Liz

Girl dressed for dance getting out of limo; she has a pink flower on her wrist, white heels, and a pink strapless dress; skirt is outlined in pink ribbon, and high-waisted belt is a pink ribbon tied into a bow; ribbon is thin

Here it is: your child is working their way through high school, and it’s going by so fast. Understandably, you want to make their experience one that is memorable, and some of the events that will be coming up are school dances. This means that you will face various questions as a parent! Of course, there are a number of items that will need to be purchased or rented. We know everyone has their own checklist: a dress or tux, corsage, a date, dance moves, picture destinations, as well as a way to get to and from the dance safely.

Some aspects are out of your hands, but there is one thing you can definitely do something about: Consider a party bus or limousine to chauffeur the kids around to their dance night destinations, like picture destinations and dinner. You may never have thought about this option before, but in our experience, it is an option that many parents have come to appreciate and recommend to others.

Now, we know what thought first came to your mind. Can you afford to rent a party bus? Consider splitting the cost between the group that is going, as this will reduce the individual cost considerably. Teenagers will ride to the school dance in major style and strut out of the party bus like they are royalty. And let’s face it, everyone knows teenagers are in love with electronics. Believe us, a party bus has plenty for them to play with, from the high-quality sound system with CD/MP3/iPod connectivity to the large HD flat screen televisions.

Inside view of a Dallas party bus; seats line the edges, and there is a sort of strobe lightWhile the music is flowing, the kids can show off their best moves on the customized wood dance floor. The built-in coolers in the bar can be filled with age-appropriate refreshments so no one in the group gets dehydrated, and the color-changing lighting sets the perfect tone for a party atmosphere.

The peace of mind that a party bus can bring is well worth the investment. We have all heard of the horrors of drinking and driving during school dance season and this is one way for you to ensure everyone stays safe and sound. The driver will only take the kids to the destinations that the parents have agreed upon ahead of time, and they are trained to look out for any kind of trouble that may be brewing as well as take appropriate actions to ensure everyone stays safe. A reputable Dallas Party Bus Service will have vehicles that are very well maintained on a regular inspection schedule and kept up to industry standard.

So, why not make homecoming, the winter formal, or prom something truly special and give yourself the gift of peace at the same time? There are some great local companies who have well trained and friendly call center representatives who will be happy to talk about specific concerns you may have related to this kind of event. They will guide you into the proper size party bus and the itinerary for the evening. Make your son or daughter’s next dance event a night they will never forget by renting a fabulous party bus, and you will quickly become parent of the year!