Surrogacy Journey 2×04: 21 week ultrasound

I am currently sitting at 22 weeks and two days and this baby is about the size of a corn on the cob.  Yum…  Just a couple of weeks ago, we had our anatomy scan to make sure everything looked good and see how baby was growing.  She is still a she and she looks absolutely perfect!  I am going to share a few pictures from our ultrasound, including keys to decipher all of the parts since sometimes these things are hard to read!  

Here is a picture of baby’s face, or a “profile” picture.  Her little face looks so sweet, even if it does still look a bit like an alien.

In case you can’t tell what on earth you are looking at above, here is the “deciphered” version.

And of course, the cute little booty.  You can even see her tiny little foot in this picture.  It’s pretty amazing!!

And again, for those who are seeing only  blobs of nothing…

I know.  My diagram skills are on point.  You’re welcome for that!!  The best news is that the parents announced this sweet baby girl’s name…  Isannah Rose (eye-zan-uh)!!  Isn’t that such a lovely name?

We have our next midwife appointment in just a couple weeks so keep an eye out for another update at that time!