Surrogacy Journey 2×02: Cycle Day 1

Since I am still breastfeeding, this journey has proven to be a little more difficult than I hoped it would be.  My first cycle postpartum was 50 days long and we just couldn’t pinpoint ovulation.  My IM (intended mother) shipped me a box of new ovulation tests and I used them three times a day from about cycle day 10 until I got a positive which was about cycle day 21.  We did inseminations Sunday and Monday of last week in hopes of getting a positive pregnancy test later this week, but my period decided to show up yesterday, giving me a 30 day second cycle.

Of course, this is both good and bad news.  It’s sad that my luteal phase was not long enough for a pregnancy to stick and now we are starting over before we were even expecting to be able to take pregnancy tests.  However, the good news here is that, despite my still breastfeeding, my cycle is back on track to its normal 30 days.  That means it should be a lot easier for us to conceive from this point forward.

We will be doing inseminations again, likely on cycle days 14 and 15 which is just in a couple weeks.  We will definitely also be using the ovulation tests just to be sure we are hitting the right day.  Send us all the sticky baby dust that this next attempt works!!