Surrogacy Journey 2×03: Flying By!

We had a few set-backs, but FINALLY, I am pregnant!!  This pregnancy has absolutely been FLYING by!!  We found out that I was pregnant right around Thanksgiving, so early pregnancy was all a big blur thanks to the holidays.  I was dealing with some things with my teen and had to pull him out of his school to home school, so life has been pretty chaotic the past couple of months.  I had to put my sewing work on the back burner, but we are finally getting back to normal. 

Would you believe, I am 18 weeks pregnant??  I can’t believe it!  The weeks are going by so fast and I couldn’t even believe it when I looked at my Ovia Pregnancy app this morning!  We will be having our anatomy scan in a couple of weeks.  Baby is due on (or around) August 4th!  Of course, I usually go overdue!  We are planning on a home waterbirth at the IPs (intended parents) home.  They live about an hour and a half away from me, so I will go stay with them around 40 weeks so they don’t miss the birth.  

My IM (intended mother) is super impatient (hahaha!) so we went for an ultrasound and the gender determination blood test around 9 weeks.  I got the results of the test and got to sit with this prized information for a couple of weeks until they had a pregnancy/gender reveal party with a few members of their family.  Check out the photos below to see more!!

That’s right!!  Another surrogirl!!  Her name will be Isannah and her parents are just over the moon!  The best part is, she has FIVE big sisters she will be coming home to!  I will be sure to be back with pictures from our next ultrasound.  The first one was just a blob, so nothing really exciting to share there.  I can’t wait to see this little squishy’s face!!  

Author: Charlise Lee

I am a Crunchy Mama of 5 rowdy boys and 2 sweet girls! I also gave birth to a baby girl in January 2016 for an awesome couple as their surrogate. I married my awesome husband, Brian in October 2016 and we are located in a little city outside of Dallas, Texas. I am a jill-of-many-trades. I run a laundry service, do custom sewing and even sell lactation cookies to my locals. I love to shop at thrift stores, take showers without an audience and spend time dreaming of a life off the grid! Follow me on Instagram for behind-the-scenes photos in the life of my crunchy family!

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