Six Things You Are Doing Wrong with Cloth Diapers

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by: Bum Bum Fluff

by: Bum Bum Fluff

Cloth diapers are funny little things.  While they save us a lot of time, money and garbage, they do require a bit of work.  You have to take good care of your cloth diapers so they have a long, full life.  Well made cloth diapers can be used through more than one child, extending their life and value.  They can also be resold and hold their value pretty well.  If you don’t know what makes your cloth diapers tick, you might think they “don’t work”.  Here are a few things you might be doing wrong with your cloth diapers…

  1. You are buying the expensive, specialty cloth diaper detergent made of unicorn farts.  You really can use any detergent as long as it doesn’t have a built-in synthetic fabric softener.  Tide is not going to kill your cloth diapers.  You want your diapers CLEAN and stink-free, so whatever detergent you use to get to that point is AWESOME!
  2. You are using dryer sheets to get your prefolds all soft and fluffy.  Whoa!  These babies are already soft and fluffy, but when you add a dryer sheet or liquid fabric softener, YOU are making your diapers “not work”.  The coating will cause your diapers to not properly absorb liquids.  
  3. You fear the bleach.  I will admit it.  I HATE BLEACH.  It burns my eyes and my nose, but I still keep a jug of it for when it’s REALLY needed.  If your little one has had a yeast rash, it’s a good idea to soak the diapers in bleach.  You can also use bleach for excessive build up and stink.  Try to avoid a lot of bleach exposure to PUL and elastic as it can wear it down.
  4. You rinse, wash, rinse, spin, soak, rinse, wash, rinse, rinse, wash, rinse.  You really don’t have to wash your diapers fifty million times unless you are stripping them.  If your diapers are “behaving” properly, you can have a simple washing system and even when they are being naughty little bum covers, try some bleach instead of a five day stripping vacation. 
  5. You refuse to treat a diaper rash with anything other than fresh air.  Let’s face it…  Who wants to let their little poop machine run around naked?  Not me.  There are SO many cloth diaper safe creams and balms out there that will not cause you to toss the diaper because it’s omgforeverruined!
  6. You are buying 30 diapers at $29.99 a piece and going broke in the process.  Cloth diapering is meant to not only save the earth but also be budget friendly.  It’s the reason we don’t have to go buy a pack of diapers at $12 a pop every week.  Yes, the cutest, fluffiest, most ruffle-butted cloth diapers are out there, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy the top of the line poop holders.  That IS what they do.  Hold poop.  And I guarantee that will be the FIRST thing your sweet little pink princess will do when you slap that $40 diaper on her cute little behind!  There are so many economical options such as prefolds and covers.  Did you know that you can many times use a cover more than once before it’s washed??  GASP!  I know, right?!  This is supposed to SAVE us money, remember?  Maybe just get one or two fluffy ruffle-butt covers and save your money for some cute pants for your little tot that will actually be SEEN!

Which of these have YOU been doing??  Do you have any cloth diaper questions?