At Crunchy Family, we take pride in finding the best products that fit in with our readers’ needs and the crunchy, or all-natural/organic, lifestyle.

We have worked with reputable brands in the industry, such as Send Me Gluten Free (now Love With Food Gluten Free) and Intimina.



We ask products (physical, digital, events, etc.) fit in with the theme of the site and in with at least one of the following topics: all-natural, organic, vegan, allergen-free, family/parenting, pets, crafts, recycled, reusable, reclaimed, educational, sustainable, eco-friendly, exercise (e.g. yoga, Pilates).

Our readers range in age, but the majority of our readers are women, ages 25-34, with children and/or special dietary needs. Single parents, and individuals varying across the Kinsey Scale, read Crunchy Family.

Additional opportunities

Crunchy Family is managed by a cousin duo, each with our own audience, so we can bring different things to the table if you’re interested in x but dislike the demographic of y.

Charlise is the mom of 7, surrogate to one (second in the works), and in her mid-30s. She prefers baby-wearing to strollers and is raising a creative bunch of people. Crunchy Family is her only blog.

Jane is the frequent sitter of the Lee children, no kids of her own. She’s part of a village and is totally satisfied with this. She expresses herself through emoji, gardens, can’t quite figure out baby-wearing, manages more technical aspects of Crunchy Family, and can be found watching television or reading a book. Kinsey scale 6, apparently. 🤷 Janepedia is her primary blog.

New to the team is Brian, Charlise’s husband, though he’s here sporadically. He fits into the mid-to-late-30s, active, fitness and wellness demographic.

While we all love cats, we don’t have one yet.


Our reviews are on a 1-5 scale system. We will happily review your product, but it will only appear on the site if it rates a 3+ on our scale. If your product ranks below a 3, we will return your product (if requested) and send you our ideas on how it could be improved.

We’ve few limits regarding what we review and don’t review. We won’t buy a product via Amazon, but recommend you use the “Send as Gift” option if you want us to be seen as “Verified Purchase”. Due to previous experience, we seldom trust Amazon sellers whose only other online presence consists of sketchy social media profiles.


You must provide the items to ship yourself. If desired, we will ship the item(s) for you. Should you choose to send the prize(s) yourself and not follow through, we will contact your CEO, the Better Business Bureau, and notify other bloggers to choose carefully.

We will do giveaways without reviews and reviews without giveaways, but doing them together returns better results.

Our giveaways are syndicated to over 100 giveaway directories.


All giveaways and reviews receive social media promotion in different forms, as per our choosing. We will not do something we have never done for just one promotion; we blog and peruse our social media channels with integrity.


If you’re looking for something more and/or a packaged deal, contact us for a quote. Pricing varies too much to list, because it really does depend on all the variables.