Spread Warmth and Love in Memory of Lindsay and Hailey

Spread Warmth and Love

Today was a sad day for my local crunchy mom group.  The medical examiner ruling came back that announced the cause of death of our sweet crunchy mama, Lindsay Gardner and her darling baby girl Hailey.  It was found that they died of hypothermia as we all suspected.  While we are all thankful that neither of them were harmed by another person, it is still incredibly sad to imagine how they both may have suffered in their last hours.

Even though the ruling has given a lot of us closure, we don’t ever want Lindsay and Hailey’s memory to fade.  We also want to make sure that those out there in the cold or rain don’t have to suffer.  We can bring them warmth and love.  That is exactly what our lovely crunchy mom group is doing!

Spread Warmth and Love2

We are collecting gloves, scarves, hats, ponchos and handwarmers to make up packs to tie around phone poles.  If you are able to put out even one bag, you are helping to give warmth and love to one person.  Get together with your crunchy mom group and hold a drive to collect these items that we often take for granted.

Spread Warmth and Love3

Please feel free to share/print the above graphic in memory of our sweet friends that were lost too soon.