Spring Break Madness

Some of you may have kids that will be home for Spring Break next week or some time later this month. Just because your kids will be home for a week or longer, doesn’t mean you have to entertain them non-stop or have a giant mess in your home. I’ll be getting my kids involved in helping me do Spring Cleaning next week.


My boys love to help out as long as there is a reward at the end of the day. We have a treasure box full of trinkets and organic candies and I also bribe them with quarters and crafts. Kids are pretty easy to “con” into doing chores. This knowledge will be helpful when your usually empty and quiet house turns into Spring Break Madness!!

Here are some things ideas for things you can do with your children for Spring Break:

  • Have your kids go through EVERY single toy they own.  Give them 3 boxes labeled “keep”, “donate”, and “trash”.  They can put things with missing or broken pieces into the trash box.  Let them go with you when you donate their gently loved toys to Goodwill or a charity of your choice.  You could also let your child sell some toys on a local swap group or Craigslist if they are eyeing something new.
  • Host a toy swap!  Add a fourth box to the above activity labeled “swap”.  Invite a few of your children’s friends over and have everyone bring a few toys they would like to trade.  This can be a short swap or an all day party!
  • Let your kids put on a fashion show!  My boys LOVE to try on clothes.  They must get that from me.  Have your kids take turns trying on EVERY piece of clothing they have so you can see if it needs to be donated with the toys or packed up to fit a younger sibling in the future.  What a fun way to know what outgrown or seasonal clothes that need to get out of drawers to make room for others!  You could even select outgrown clothes to create a quilt or t-shirt pillow.
  • Create a mini garden in your backyard.  Spring time is the perfect time to plant seeds!  You can buy seeds at your local grocery store or even the dollar store.  You could also go to your local nursery to find a fruit tree.  
  • Go to a local park that has trails and go on a nature walk.  You could also try your hand at Geocaching!
  • Hide a cache of coins or trinkets in your own yard and set up a scavenger hunt.

If you keep you kids your kids busy, you are less likely to hear “I’m bored!” every 15 minutes!!  What do you plan to do for Spring Break?