Stock up this Valentine’s Day

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If you’re crunched for time, relax—this Valentine’s Day, you can shop online at Dollar Tree for yourself, your kids, your family, your friends—anyone! Classroom and office parties just got a whole lot easier, because you can order in bulk what you need.

A few years back, I legit stocked up on multiple conversation hearts just so I could have the chalky candy hearts year-round. Stores only bring out the candy once a year, and those hearts are my all-time favorite! Granted, I…poured the bags onto cookie sheets and parchment paper and put all the yellow, orange and green hearts (least favorite flavors) into large freezer bags and told the family they were “free game”, so I could have the flavors I love, but…I still had ’em year-round. ?

What better way to be single on Valentine’s Day than to buy all the candy for myself? ?

Also my favorite:

P.S. 16 January, 2017, Dollar Tree is offering $4.95 flat-rate shipping.

P.S. AGAIN: You can also have your items shipped to your local Dollar Tree for free. See site for details.