Sunday FunDay: Pumping While Driving

Sunday is the last day of the weekend.  It’s our last bit of free time before we have to get back to the school and work week.  I usually have a bunch of chaos going on during the week and I thought that it would be fun to have one of my crazy moments turned into a cartoon by Angela McReynolds every week. 

This week, it was pumping while driving.  I have actually gotten pretty good at this thanks to my Spectra pump.  It holds a charge so I can easily take my pump with me and get a day’s worth of pumps-to-go on one charge without worrying about plugging it in.  Liz and I went to Houlihan’s for lunch (which was AMAZING, by the way!) and so I had to pump on the way to pick her up and on the way home.  While I have always been comfortable breastfeeding in public, I always feel a little awkward while pumping and driving.  Of course, the only people that can usually see in and see what I am doing are men driving big trucks.  I avoid them like the plague, especially at red lights where I might have to sit for a minute or two in awkwardness. 

Where’s the weirdest place you have ever pumped??


About the Cartoonist:

Angela McReynolds is a work at home mom married to a an awesome man who works 2 jobs. She creates all kinds of art and especially loves to tie dye and sew. They are a musical family and play many different instruments. She has 3 children, Kylee (8), Joseph (almost 4) and Max (1 in July). They live in a small town in Oklahoma where Angela was born and has lived most of her life.  You can find her on Facebook, her seldom used blog and on YouTube