How to make reading more fun

When I was in school, we had Accelerated Reader Tests, or ARTs. I did them one year before backing out and stopping: I didn’t enjoy reading the books within my eighth grade level; I preferred the young adult/new adult mystery fiction novels by Lois Duncan (RIP) on a shelf in my journalism teacher’s room more. […] Continue reading » “How to make reading more fun”

5 reasons to teach kids how to code

This post was originally posted a year ago, but the site hosting the infographic is no longer online, so I’m rewriting it. A colleague of a friend mentioned a few times to me in the past that the jobs in the future will be anything but what we can imagine now. […] Continue reading » “5 reasons to teach kids how to code”

Review: Limelife Planner & Accessories with Giveaway

I am being compensated for my time put into writing up this review and for thoroughly reviewing this product from Limelife Planners, Copper Lens Artistry, Karolina’s Krafts and Truly Simple Planners. […] Continue reading » “Review: Limelife Planner & Accessories with Giveaway”