DIY Fall Décor Part 1

This year, I decided I wanted to make some of my own Halloween and Fall holiday décor.  I really wanted things that could be left up for Halloween and throughout the Fall season.  I’m not really big into cheesy décor or corny Thanksgiving stuff, so I wanted some more “edgy” decorations.  For part one, I am going to tell you about two projects that we did.  I am going to link to some similar products if I can’t find the exact ones, but for these two projects, I purchased my supplies at WalMart.  You could also shop online or at a local craft store. […] Continue reading » “DIY Fall Décor Part 1”

A Few Of Our Favorite Things: Valentine’s Day Edition

Are you tired of getting the same old box of chocolates and overpriced roses that die after a week for Valentine’s Day?  If you want something more awesome and/or useful this year, just leave this page open near your significant other. […] Continue reading » “A Few Of Our Favorite Things: Valentine’s Day Edition”

Black Friday Alternatives/Small Business Saturday

Standing in a CROWD of people at WalMart for HOURS to get Christmas presents for a steal.  Waiting outside in the cold in a quarter mile long line to get into Target to get super cheap winter hats and mittens for your kids. […] Continue reading » “Black Friday Alternatives/Small Business Saturday”