Review: “A Tale of Two Mommies”, “A Tale of Two Daddies” by Vanita Oelshlager

Cover of "A Tale of Two Mommies", featuring a boy standing between each of his moms (only legs are visible)I received a copy of both books for review via NetGalley.

“A Tale of Two Mommies” by Vanita Oelshlager is a quick read children’s book about a boy who answers questions about his moms, Momma and Mommy, as he plays with two other kiddos at the beach.

“A Tale of Two Daddies”, by the same author, is also a quick read, this time about a girl who answers questions about her dads, Daddy and Poppa, as she plays with another kidlet at the playground.

Both books discuss similar things—which parent does what when…? Who does this when…? The playmates ask the question, while the children answer about their parents.

Each book’s illustrations are great and adorable, but…I’m a bit biased towards the daughter answering Qs about her dads! “A Tale of Two Daddies” was just adorable.

I really liked how the kids were asking the questions as they played. It portrayed the natural curiosity kids have and helps remove some of the taboo.

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Cover of "A Tale of Two Daddies", featuring a girl in two braids (red bows) standing between each of her dads (only legs are visible)