Thanksgiving and Black Friday Traditions

thanksgiving pumpkin

Thanksgiving is a pretty special holiday!  It’s a time to recognize all of the great things in your life and be thankful for them.  In my family, we always get together to have a big family meal one day the week of Thanksgiving.  My grandmama always makes the most delicious homemade noodles.  We do it potluck style where everyone brings a dish so we have TONS of food.  After we eat, we plan for our Christmas gathering and draw names for our gift exchanges.  This year will be the first Thanksgiving without my Papa who passed away this summer, so it will be pretty sad to not have him there.  

I asked a bunch of crunchy moms if they had any Thanksgiving traditions or alternatives for shopping on Black Friday.  Here’s what they shared with me…

                      turkey hat boy turkey hat girl


  • We take a photo of each of our kids wearing a turkey hat made from organic alpaca yarn. – Samantha Z.
  • We always go around the table and list what we are thankful for.  We grow some of our own food throughout the year and include our “harvest” in our offerings.  We make homemade bread for the stuffing and don’t use any prepackaged food on Thanksgiving.  We all carpool to arrive together and save on fuel (only one designated driver, too!).  – Erin S.
  • We have a “Give Thanks” journal that, after dinner, everyone who is celebrating with us that year, writes down what they are thankful for on the page for that year.  The kids do it too!  We then go around and talk about the things we wrote and take a group picture to put on the page.  We just started it last year, but I think it’s going to be so cool to be able to look back on in 20 years!  – Kaylie W.
  • I don’t really leave my house on Black Friday.  I’ve worked Black Friday, and out of respect for those who are forced to do the same, I give them one less person to have to worry about.  I get my shopping done weeks in advance so that there isn’t anything I need when the sales come out.  As for Thanksgiving, we are are doing all new things this year.  We’ll have breakfast at the in-law’s and our first major holiday dinner at our new house.  Today the kids are going to make some turkey decorations.  Growing up, we’d have our meal in the early afternoon ad spend the rest of the day enjoying family movies.  – Amanda C. 
  • Our Black Friday tradition is to drive up to the Chippewa National Forest and go exploring in the woods for our family Christmas tree.  – Margaret K.
  • We go cut our Christmas tree on Black Friday, then decorate and bake all afternoon.  – Nancy S.
  • We go hunting!  We have hunting dogs so we spend a day in the woods finding meat for the freezer.  On Saturday we decorate the Christmas tree and do Christmas cards.  – Kadey P.

Do you have any special Thanksgiving traditions?  Does your family do something WAY more fun than shopping on Black Friday?  Please share them with us in the comments!!  

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