The Vine Family Chiropractic

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I have never been a “regular” at the chiropractor until I met a lovely lady at the Natural Family Expo a few weeks back.  The lady I met was Dr. Kelsey Brown, owner of The Vine Family Chiropractic.  She spoke to me very kindly and asked if I had a chiropractor.  I told her that I did not and she told me about the benefits of chiropractic care.  I knew that a bunch of my crunchy friends used chiropractic care for all of their “doctor” needs, but I had just never made the leap.

Dr. Brown is SO sweet and patient.  I have started to see her 2-3 times a week with my 3 youngest children.  I had something going on with my tailbone that made it very painful to sit on the floor with my kids for more than a short period of time.  After just a few visits with her, I have been sitting on the floor, lying on my back on the floor and crawling around with my youngest with no pain.  The part of my tailbone that felt sore and out of place was realigned so it is no longer bothering me!  I’m only 29, so I’m so grateful to not FEEL like I’m getting old!

My kids’ father also came with me to get adjusted.  He was in a motorcycle accident in 2008 and had surgery on his hip.  Dr. Brown has adjusted him so well that he is moving and walking with less pain.  He is also no longer taking daily pain killers which is AMAZING!!

I was worried that my kids would be afraid to get adjusted because they don’t like to go to the doctor.  After the first visit, they happily climb right up on the table.  Dr. Brown is gentle and loves the little ones!!  My boys warmed up to her good vibes very quickly, even my shy boy, Phoenix!  My 3 year old gets so excited when I tell him we are on our way to the “chiropracture” (as he calls her) for his “massage”.  

If you are in the DFW area and are looking for an amazing, affordable, family friendly chiropractor, go see Dr. Kelsey Brown at The Vine Family Chiropractic!!  You won’t be disappointed!!  Also, to make things even more fun, I’m giving away 1 dozen lactation (or regular) cookies to ALL new patients that mention to Dr. Brown that they saw her on Crunchy Family!  And if you forget to tell her, have her email me to confirm you are a new patient and I will hook you up with some yummy cookies!