The Whole30 Day 1

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Can I just start over this day tomorrow?  Seriously, I completely was unprepared for this today.  I was in Austin over the weekend eating ALL of the delicious foods and then BAM.  Monday arrived.  Ok, now I’m not REALLY going to start over, but let’s all pretend I have eaten more than half a banana today and it’s already 4:33pm.  My stomach is growling and I am afraid of this challenge!

Can I do it?  Of course I can!  Will it be hard?  Oh my gosh, yes.  I have had to tell myself “no!!” to popping a piece of cereal into my mouth when I was making bowls for the little ones earlier.  

For dinner, I will be making “spaghetti” from wheat pasta, ground turkey, organic pasta sauce and steamed veggies.  Of course I will only be eating the meat and veggies, but everyone else will be enjoying their pasta and sauce.

What is The Whole30??  I am going 30 days eating only fruits, veggies, meats, healthy oils, nuts and seeds.  You can have clarified butter or ghee and you can use salt.  No legumes, no sugar, no processed anything.  Who is up for the challenge??

This is going to be a rough 30 days!!  Who else has done the Whole30 and do you have any delicious recipes to share??

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