Three Days to Perfection Launch Week

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 Tiffany Hinton is one of the gluten-free mamas that Liz and I met at the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo.  She JUST launched her new e-book, Three Days to Perfection TODAY!  The book gives you over 60 recipes to help you create gluten-free perfection.  It includes the recipes for two dough blends that will be your base for the yummy baked goods.  Through December 4th, you can use the code CRUNCH14 in Tiffany’s store to receive 22% off of your purchase of $30 or more.  

Bring Fun Back into Your Kitchen with Gluten Free Mom Certified*

Next week, we will be back with a gluten-free re-creation of a pineapple upside down mini cake that was served at our family Thanksgiving dinner today!  We will show you that you don’t have to miss out on all of the yummy holiday goodies.  This book will teach you how to create holiday treats of your own and no one will know that they are gluten-free!  We will also have a giveaway of the e-book with our recipe makeover, so make sure you come back to check it out!

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