Twelve Crunchy Resolutions

new year 2015

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!! Did anyone make any New Year resolutions? Does anyone ever follow through with their resolutions? Yeah, me neither! Hahah! This year, I am hoping to change that by doing my resolutions a little differently. Instead of having yearly resolutions, I’m going to have monthly resolutions where I just focus on one each month. I feel like this will be a little easier to tackle one thing at a time. Who knows?! Maybe they will stick. Maybe they won’t. I’ve heard it takes 30 days to form a new habit, so everyone should try this with me! Maybe they aren’t all crunchy, but here are my monthly resolutions…

JANUARY – Focus on a new business.  Last month, I signed up for an amazing new work-from-home venture.  It’s a wonderful opportunity and I am hoping that it helps me to make big changes in my life.  If you want to know more about it, please leave your email address and I will contact you!

FEBRUARY – Lots of love!  Express your love this month.  Hide little love notes for your significant other.  Make heart-shaped pancakes for your kids.  Write “I love myself!” on your mirror in lipstick!

MARCHNo sugar!!  I am going to make an effort to avoid sugar this month at ALL costs!  It’ll be tough because it’s definitely one of my weaknesses.

APRIL – Daily walks.  This month, I will make sure to walk around my block AT LEAST once EVERY day!

MAY – Read one book each week.  This will mean less time online which is GOOD!  Does anyone have any book suggestions?

JUNE – Smoothie month!!  I plan to make a delicious smoothie every day this month.  I’m going to need some good recipes!

JULY – Christmas in July.  This month, I will start finding ideas and making Christmas gifts!  Everyone is getting homemade vanilla extract this year!  You can follow our tutorial if you’d like to do the same!  Get started on it early in the year so it has time to age to perfection.  You can also keep your kids busy this summer by letting them help you make your wrapping paper.  Give them each a roll of kraft paper or sheets of newsprint and a bucket of art supplies.  They can use crayons, markers, glitter, stamps, and stickers to make some totally unique wrapping paper!

AUGUST – Just keep swimming.  I will make sure I get into the pool EVERY day this month for at least 30 minutes!  Don’t forget your sunscreen!!  

SEPTEMBER – Forget about Spring Cleaning, we’re doing September Cleaning!  Find one item in your home to get rid of every day this month.  On the last day of the month, host a yard sale or just donate everything to a good cause!  Since the last day of September is mid-week and my birthday is that following Saturday, I’m going to donate everything I collect this month. 

OCTOBER – Time for the flu shot!  No, I don’t mean THAT flu shot.  This month is the perfect time to mix up some sprays, roller balls and other hippie potions.  These would also make great holiday host(ess) gifts as well!  Don’t wait until the last minute!  If you are needing to purchase some oils, I am signed up with Young Living and would be happy to share my discount!  Just leave a comment expressing interest and your email address!

NOVEMBER –  Be thankful.  While you should totally do this all year round, make a special effort to show those around you how thankful you are for them.  Buy a box of thank you cards at the dollar store and pass them out to people you see on a regular basis but aren’t shown much appreciation like the postal worker or bagger at the grocery store.  Take the time out to give thanks at least once a day!

DECEMBER – Don’t wait until Christmas Eve to wrap gifts.  Wrap one gift each day and have it all done (or almost done) when the big day finally rolls around.  If you keep a notebook or spreadsheet of the gifts you wrap, you won’t forget what is already covered in that adorable paper your kids decorated in July!

What are going to be YOUR monthly resolutions??

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What a great idea to make goals for every month. That seems like it would be easier to achieve. Good luck!